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Competitive Sports Supervisor Training

August 15 - 16, 2013

Marlene Wong

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Competitive Sports Supervisor Training

red polo (men tucked in)
black pants/shorts (no athletic)
closed toed comfortable shoes
no hats
jacket (URec or personal)
Intramural Sport Leagues
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Biohazard bins
CPR & First Aid
as of fall 2010, all students within the UNC 4-year campus system must show evidence of creditable coverage health insurance
Weather Stoppages
The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us.
This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and
Travels to Clients
Flag Football and Soccer

Games stopped at any time up to the first 10 minutes of the second half will be completed from the point of interruption with the score as is.

After the 10-minute mark in the 2nd half all games will be ruled official contests.
Club Sports
Statement of Liability
participation in any
University Recreation programs
include and involve RISKS, HAZARDS & PHYSICAL STRESSES that a participant will be exposed to through sports activity.
As a courtesy to opponents and to avoid being charged with a forfeit, teams may default their games which they will be unable to attend
Competitive Sports
Supervisor Training


Competitive Sports
Planner & Calendar
Carmichael Complex
What facilities do we manage?
Facility Rules
health insurance
Reporting injuries!
Opening/Closing Fields
Men's A - Open
Men's B - Open
Men's C - Open
Women's - Open
Grad/Fac/Staff - only graduate students or faculty/staff
Co-Rec A
Co-Rec B
Co-Rec C
Intramural Sports Team Name & Uniform
Most games are scheduled to play on Sundays-Thursdays from 5-10pm

Schedules are posted on IM Leagues
Team Captains/participants are responsible for checking
walk out song
Injury Response
you will be a LEADER
3 different roles
game & practice management
Intramural Sports
Club Sports
risk management
injury prevention
inspect facilities
First Aid/CPR/AED responder
staff management
Supervisor Meetings
any team name or uniform deemed inappropriate or offensive will be changed by Competitive Sports
ie: If She Can't Cook Soccer
All students are expected to know and abide by the regulations and policies set forth by the Code of Student Conduct, and are subject to disciplinary action by the University for any violations.

URec can refer incidents involving substandard student conduct to the Office of Student Conduct.
Faculty Staff (gym membership)
employed as full or part time permanent
Centennial Campus affiliates
temporary professional staff
visiting faculty/staff
Teams who forfeit twice in a scheduled event will be
dropped from further competition in that sport
promptly get to all injuries - walk quickly!

if you are the Roamer, go to help the Supervisor assisting with the injury
a field call decision will be made Monday-Friday at 3 pm and by 1 pm on Sundays
Participants should call 919.515.PLAY (7529) for field info
team Captains will complete rosters on IM Leagues
no limit to roster size
max number of championship shirts awarded
1.5 x number of players allowed to play at one time
e.g. 10 players on a softball field = 10 x 1.5 = 15 shirts
Team Captains have 2 options for adding players to their roster after the online scheduling period has ended
IM Leagues: players must be added by 3 pm the day of the game
to show up on game roster for same night
Add player on scoresheet at game site
name, ID, Captain's signature
all participants must be on a roster to participate

anyone who has established themselves as a professional athlete is not eligible to participate in their related sport
49 clubs
student run
volunteer Coaches
compete against other colleges/universities
nightly practice & weekend events
attend monthly leadership meetings
Method & Carmichael
The mission of University Recreation is to provide quality and diverse

to the
NC State community
that enhances
student success

We create a safe and welcoming environment that fosters
balanced lifestyles
social development
lifelong wellness

We complete the college experience by intentionally developing students through experiential learning in a
fun environment
The mission of Competitive Sports is to provide
opportunities for the
NC State community

We are committed to the development of successful and quality teams and individuals with a focus on enhancing the collegiate experience through
leadership development
responsible and

ethical conduct
healthy active lifestyles

and fun
Starting your shift..
Kaba (you & staff)
Closing Responsibilities
clean up
Kaba (you & staff)
lights off
submit reports
scoresheets filed
lock up iPad
Wolfpack One Card
Food & Drink
Photographers & Videographers
Facility Requests
Guest List & Passes
Captain's Meetings
24,600 unique students utilized URec programs, services, & facilities

Carmichael Complex had 1,082,543 total visits

65% of unique student users are at or above a 3.0 GPA

URec is the largest student employer on campus with over 600 student employees
Club Sports
Intramural Sports
Outdoor Adventures
In 2012-2013...
So what is our department's mission?
2,550 Club Sports members
(6.5% of NC State's population)

6,563 Intramural Sports participants (15% of NC State's population)
If you hold multiple positions within Competitive Sports (Scorekeeper, Official, Evaluator, Program Assistant), you will be expected to work a minimum of 1 Supervisor shift
every 2 weeks
(you can work weekends too)

If you are solely a Supervisor, you will be expected to work a minimum of 2 Supervisor shifts
per week
(you can work weekends too)
Halfway through the semester, we will evaluate where everyone stands, and if you're not meeting this requirement, we'll meet to discuss your future as a Supervisor
Supervisor discipline
What do you do if..
an Evaluator's shirt isn't tucked in?
an Official arrives to the field 2 mins late?
a Scorekeeper is on their cell phone?
another Supervisor isn't doing their job?
What does writing someone up really mean?
Unsafe fields
too much rain
sink holes
too dark
club specific rules
When does a team receive a team sportsmanship rating & by whom?
Each team receives a team sportsmanship rating at the
end of each game by the Competitive Sports staff
What affects a team's sportsmanship rating?
Individual behavior
can affect a team's rating
To be eligible for playoffs, what is the average rating a team must have during the regular season?
A team must have a
average rating during the season to be eligible for the playoffs
Can sportsmanship ratings be changed after Officials agreed on a rating?
Yes, Supervisors & Evaluators
can change ratings
How many Club Sports athletes can be on an Intramural Sport team?
Team rosters may have a maximum of
Club Sports athletes on each
& a maximum of
Club Sport athlete on each
dual sport
for their
related sport
Can active varsity sport athletes play IMs?
A current member of the varsity team or anyone listed on any college athletic roster is
to participate in
their related sport
Can former college athletes play IMs?
Former college athletes are
to participate in their
related sport for 1 year following the sport's national championship game
A. student enrolled at NC State with only 3 credit hours
B. student enrolled at NC State with 12 credit hours
C. student enrolled at UNC with 12 credit hours
D. Kevin Durant

Who is eligible to play IMs at NC State?
Any person currently enrolled at NC State
is eligible to play IMs because they pay the University Recreation fee
What do all Intramural Sport participants need to show to check in for an IM game?
Wolfpack One Card
Who else is eligible for IMs?
If a team fails to arrive at the scheduled game time, the Supervisor has 2 options. What are they?
The Supervisor will give the team (who is present) the choice of:
accepting the win by forfeit
waiting 10 minutes for their opponents to arrive
game clock runs
If the minimum number of players are not present for either team at the scheduled game time, what happens?
If the minimum numbers of players are not present for either team at the scheduled game time, a
double forfeit
will be declared
What happens when a team forfeits twice in the same sport?
When is the deadline to default a team's game?
All defaults must be made known to the
University Recreation Office by 3 pm on the day of the contest

For games scheduled on Saturday or Sunday, teams must default by 3 pm on the Friday prior
So what does a Supervisor do?
problem solving
set up & clean up
Intramural Sports
Club Sports
participant behavior
customer service
What can IM participants check out from the Equipment Room?
IM Games
Suspension of play
All ejected participants must:
contact a Competitive Sports professional staff member
arrange an appointment prior to any further participation in any Intramural Sports activity

What causes someone to be ejected?
Threatening behavior
Assaulting a staff member
Intimidating tactics
Taunting staff
Physical contact/fighting

Participation is not required to be ejected from Intramural Sports and to be made ineligible

Helpful tips when ejecting someone
remove them from the environment
continue game in a timely manner

be friendly, nice, calm, non threatening
don’t act like you only need to talk to them because of the paperwork

fill out paperwork
give white half sheet
inform s/he cannot play IMs until the meeting occurs
ask him/her to leave
ensure s/he is off the complex
immediately following game or half, staff needs to complete paperwork
remind staff to be thorough & detailed
need at least 3 people’s viewpoints (scorekeepers, officials, no participants)
submit ejection report
What do you do after s/he leaves?
Mandatory tests for Supervisors
3 sport specific rules
general info
due the Monday after each Sunday sport training
Exceptional employees
Supervisor of the month
Scorekeeper of the month
Official of the month
Evaluator of the month
Supervisor of the year
Scorekeeper of the year
Official of the year
Evaluator of the year
Rookie of the year
Spirit Award
Unsung Hero
John F. Miller Award
Wednesdays at 7 am
All staff are expected to fill shifts: WhenToWork
Carmichael Gym
Casey Aquatic Center
Tennis Courts
Miller Fields
Method Road
Centennial Fields
Is this team being respectful of their opponents & the staff?

How respectful?

What is the purpose of Intramural Sports?
What would get a team kicked out of the playoffs?
Teams must
maintain a minimum average of a 2.5
sportsmanship rating to continue in the playoffs
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