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Copy of HR presentation

No description

Monarch Limaye

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of HR presentation

HR Goals in SAG
New Alignments
How will next gen HR be different?
HR Structure and engagement model
HR Operations
Become the most desired employer - "employer of choice" for talent pool

Ensure the people practises of organisation are equitable, fair and benchmark for the industry
How can We achieve this?
-Provide clarity to All
- Set standards and surpass them
- Be honest and uphold integrity
- Strength in numbers
- Basic structure in place
- Business sees value in HR
- Able & willing professionals
- Fragmented way of operating
- Lack of cordination among different sub-functions
- Isolation feeling
- Lack of clarity or purpose
- Potential to make it significant
- Opportunity to build world class processes
- Potential to change way of working
- Potential to make an IMPACT
- we might lose out the chance
- we might not change
- we might become a non-important
Summing up the new expectations
- Guided by Metrics & Measurements
- Flawless in executing the fundamentals
- Effective in supporting line managers
- Cost effective
Mission : Operational Excellence
Team Concept
Expectation from the group
Smooth and efficient administration
- Ability to successfully deliver myriad transactional services to HR partners , employees and managers
- Ownership of accurate core human capital data, analytics, reporting and metrics needed to drive business decisions
- Advising and offering on demand support to line managers on day to day people issues keeping HR partners in loop
- Managing HR systems and ensuring data quality
- Providing reports and people related analytics
- Day-to-day interaction with outside vendors
HR Partner Org.
Role expectations from Partners
- Single point of contact for business
- Aligned directly with head of business
- Advise & support leaders in making business decisions - not mere implementing them once they have been taken
- Develop a business unit workforce strategy
- Be credible so that you can provide executive coaching & advice
- Help business leaders understand and address the people implications of business decisions
- Broker appropriate HR services from HR Operations & COEs
Basic concept & drivers
Learn what drives business
building relationships at key levels in the organisation; gain their commitment and belief that HR can contribute to business results Align directly to the head of business
Build on top-notch service quality of HR service delivery to maintain and build credibility
Recruitment Org.
Key Recruitment imperatives
Has to operate as per PCMM process area definition
Written down recruitment processes - Mangalam
Has to produce a monthly report on recruitment metrics
will continue to operate as a three member team
Each team member to confirm the numbers recruited every month
Need clarity on deliverable by each team member - Individual productivity for all 3 members
Key Recruitment Metrics
Clarify Roles and responsibilities

Details of new way of working for HR

Build an atmosphere of collaboration
1. Leave Administration -
2. Legal cordination-
3. Employee processes - Joiners/confirmations/exits -
4. SAP-
5. Tooling & Automation
- Haward
6. Mobility Operations
- Haward
7. Letter templates & generation
- Haward
8. Audits-
9. BGV
- Haward
10. Payroll-
- Two member team
- Equal partners with shared responsibilities
- Define and publish processes
- Set TAT
- Measure and improve processes
- Shall include operation part of performance management/ compensation review activities in future
- Shall include HR Analytics in future
- HR people need vision & conviction
- Clear & explicitly defined HR governance
- Reliance on fact-based decisions
- COE responsibility to get Operation support in execution
Engagement Model
HR Business Partners
HR Operations
- Cost per hire
- Conversion rate - Offer to Onboarding
- Sourcing trend and mix
- Turn around time on closure
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