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Project Menu

No description

Nancy Evans

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Project Menu

Each mini-project is assigned a point value. Pick enough mini-projects to total 100 points.
10 point Mini-Projects
These projects require your creativity, but not as much time to complete as the other projects.
20 point Min-Projects
These projects will require the most amount of time to complete, but be sure you have your creativity ready to go with these, too.
15 point Mini-Projects
These projects require your creativity and a little more time to complete than the 10 point projects.
Mini-Project Menu Board
Project Menu
Draw a picture or edit a photo to create a selfie of you and a key figure in front of a relevant landmark. Include a caption with details about the person and the landmark. Also include at least 3 hashtags. #insta
txt msg
Create a text conversation
between you and a key
figure. Include specific
information about that
person and his/her
Record a voicemail message
for a key figure. Leave a detailed
description about a meeting you
want to have with him/her, where
you want to meet, and what you
want to talk about. Be polite
and professional. This is a very
important person!
T-Shirt Design
Create an awesome shirt
design that tells/shows
who, what, when, where,
and why about a key
figure or event.
Thought bubble...
Write a descriptive thought bubble
that a key figure might have
experienced during an important
period in his/her life. Include as
many relevant facts about the
event as possible.
Make a packing list for all the
important items a key figure would
need to take when traveling on a
long trip. In addition to the normal
toiletries, be sure to include items
that would make them
successful at a business meeting
or in their career.
Create a license plate
that relates to the time
period or a key figure.
You must include a state
or country name and motto.
Your plate cannot have
more than 8 characters
(letters and/or symbols).
Create a wanted poster for a key figure.
The poster must include a sketch of the
accused (hand-drawn or computerized)
and must also include a
description of his/her crimes.
All great teams have a mascot.
Select a person, place, or event
and choose or create a mascot for
it/him/her. In addition to the
mascot, you must provide a
detailed description for why you
chose that mascot and its
relevance to the person/place/event
that you chose.
Design a billboard advertising an actual event from the period. Include pictures of key figures and specific details of the event.
You stumble upon the dumpster behind the home of a key figure. What do you find? Items from an important event? Trash from a historic meeting? Make a list of what you find and include an explanation as to why he/she may have discarded the items.
It's time for a party!
Make an invitation and include on it a guest list of key figures, the perfect venue, and three exciting activities/games to captivate your party goers. Remember your guests are important people, so pin the tail on the donkey probably won't keep them entertained.
A key figure needs help on the job! Create an enticing, but vague, job description, including contact information for this new position. Look at a few real job postings to determine the best format for your listing. Happy hunting!
Go crazy with the spray paint! Well not really! Create a wall design that tells the story of a key figure and a major accomplishment or event in his.her life. Be creative and colorful. Check out some real example of graffiti online.
Whose BACKPACK is that?
You found an ancient North Face backpack and inside are the important belongings of a key figure. He/She must carry this bag with them everywhere they go. Find a backpack and fill it with replicas (real or homemade) of items the key figure would have needed at any time, day or night. Be specific, and don't just print out or draw these items. You have to actually make them. Be sure to include at least 8 items.
Whose BACKPACK is that?
Create a political cartoon about an issue or key figure of the period. Be sure your cartoon clearly communicates an opinion.
A key figure has recently died. Write a eulogy as if you were a close family member. Focus on his/her great successes and the positive accomplishments in his/her life. Be sincere and heartfelt (and maybe a little tongue-in-cheek, if he/she was infamous).
A key figure might not have had a Capital One credit card, but I'm sure your creativity can fill that wallet with other membership cards, licenses, and currency that would gives us a good idea about who he/she was. Catch is - you have MAKE everything. And don't forget to put it all in a wallet.
You ever notice those signs on the side of the road? At 55 mph, seems like you never have time to read them, though. Oh well... now you are going to write your own. Pick an important event or a key figure (or both) and design the historical marker. Be sure to tell us where the marker will be located.
Write/draw a comic strip about an important event or a key figure. The illustrations must be detailed and the humor or story must be clear. Include factual information in the strip to inform the reader of the significance of the event or key figure.
Write three descriptions of an event or a key figure. Two of the descriptions must be complete fact. The third one is fictional, made-up. Your descriptions must be 3-5 sentences each. And although the descriptions must be about the same key figure or event, the descriptions are all about different details.
10 pts
10 pts
10 pts
10 pts
10 pts
10 pts
15 pts
15 pts
15 pts
15 pts
15 pts
15 pts
15 pts
20 pts
20 pts
20 pts
20 pts
20 pts
20 pts
20 pts
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