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Pandora Charm Bracelets Consumer Behavior Presentation

Emily Grumling

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Pandora

Juliann Barrow
Caitlin Dodds
Emily Grumling
Levi Levato
Bekah Ortquist
Andrea Scroggs Problem Awareness Stimulus Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Cognitive Dissonance Use and Evaluation Disposition Charm Bracelets -1982 Copenhagen, Denmark
-Small, Family-Owned Jewelry Shop
-First Bracelet in 2000 Celebrate the lives of women and the extraordinary moments of their lives and enable them to symbolize and remember these moments through the charms on their bracelet Pandora Background Mission Social Mentions Polarizing Product o All Marketing opens the same way – the white box with pink ribbon being untied to show the PANDORA logo

o The same music each time

o Ads – all look like this: o Feature target demographic

o Celebrate gift giving

o Celebrate personalities and special moments Advertisements o Product as hero magazine ads Content Marketing o My Story, My Design – stories featured on their website
o International women telling their stories and what their Pandora bracelet means to them Continuity "Buyer's Remorse" Discomfort that occurs when a consumer holds conflicting thoughts about a belief or an attitude about an object (Schiffman) Factors Expense
Initial Satisfaction
Investment Insights from Focus Group Expectations not met
Just a trend
Limited use Stress position: quality and relatively affordable
Address and remove any dissonant beliefs Future Cognitive
Dissonance Prevention 3 types of retail stores
Gold, Silver, and White stores
Online purchase, “How to Buy”
Online vs. In-store
Web purchases in the UK
Create your own design
The appeal to customers Pandora Club: Gap Satisfaction Need to give a gift
90% of Pandora owners
Convenient charm bracelet Social Influences Status Symbol
The unique look of the bracelet
Oversexualized Ads Not a "timeless piece"
Not thrown away
The end of a relationship •“Charm bracelet”
•Terrorists and apostles
•Consumer insight from focus group
•Give (or are given to) as gifts Chamilia, Troll Beads, and Kay Jewelers
Not the top "charm bracelet" result in Google
Online Bracelet design hubs Less use bracelets
Wide variety of products needed
All dependent on individual personalities Chamilia Pandora Troll Beads $59 $40 $65 $2,670 Conclusion Better Promote My Life, My Story Campaign
Own the term "charm bracelet"
Stress "non-couple" relationships
Hit home the message of Pandora charm bracelets Questions?
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