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The Coureurs De Bois

No description

Raya K.

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of The Coureurs De Bois

The Coureurs De Bois
Who were the Coureurs De Bois?
Why did people choose to become Coureurs De Bois?
Who did the Coureurs De Bois trade with?
How did the Coureurs De Bois survive in the woods?
A Coureur de Bois wearing First Nation-style clothing
Silver Birch trees
By: Elizabeth and Raya
7/8 McCullogh
The Hudson's Bay Company
What were some of their hardships?
First Nations
would hunt, skin, and prepare the furs for the coureurs de bois
Coureurs de bois
would trade with the Natives and sell the furs they got to the people in trading posts
French or British
in the trading posts would buy the furs from the Coureurs de Bois and sell them for a slightly higher price to the merchants
would buy the furs from the trading posts to make into hats, clothing, and furniture upholstery
would purchase items from the merchants
Main Steps in the Fur Trade
Things Usually Traded
- Guns
- Knives and weapons
- Metal pots and utensils
- Blankets
- Clothing
- Wine
Trading Posts
The Coureurs de Bois traded mainly with...
- The First Nations

The British and French
(The people at the trading posts)

The Hudson's Bay company
(Their job was similar with the merchants')
The First Nations
The men in the tribes did most of the hunting and trading of the furs
The women did most of the skinning and preparing of the furs
The Three Major Groups
The French and the British
They were rivals in the fur trade. Both wanted a First Nations ally because of their own purposes. So the French and the British strategically set up their trading posts so that the First Nations would trade items with them and also become their ally.
The First Nations helped the Coureurs de Bois survive in the woods because they taught them how to...
- Make their own clothing
- Canoe properly
- Hunt various types of animals
- Use the snowshoe
- Eat the right food to sustain themselves on their expeditions
- Keep insects away
- Build shelters, make canoes, and repair canoes using Silver Birch trees
- Use the bark of Silver Birch trees to draw maps and write messages
And also much more!
ii. The Coureurs de Bois would explore Canada during their expeditions and find new trade routes
(This is important because they helped the Europeans discover Canada)
- www.whiteoak.org
- www.canadiana.ca
- www.pcmaf.org
- www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca

- Close-up Canada. Ontario: Oxford, 2007
- Canadian History 7. Toronto: Pearson, 2008
Why are the Coureurs de Bois so important in Canadian history?
i. The Coureurs de Bois established important relationships with the First Nations
(This is important because if they never became friends, the fur trade would never have existed)
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