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Imperialism Unit Jeopardy Review

Test review

Lauren Byassee

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Imperialism Unit Jeopardy Review

100 The native troops recruited by the British in India What are the Sepoys? India
200 The two religious groups living in India prior to British Imperialism What are Hindus and Muslims? India
300 Use of pig and cow fat in ammunition,
uneven political and economic relationship,
infringment on Indian traditional customs What are the causes for the Sepoy Rebellion? India
400 This company was welcomed into India at first to overthrow this group The British East India Company

The Mughals India
500 These are the main items that the British traded in India Tea, Spices, Cotton Africa
100 Which native nation led massive uprisings against the Dutch and British in South Africa? Africa
500 This country was home to the Suez Canal and nationalist leader Muhammad Ali Egypt The Zulu Nation Africa
200 The conference that determined colonial holdings in Africa was called... Africa
300 The Berlin Conference The King Leopold II of Belgium sent Henry Stanley and other agents to arrange trade treaties in which area of Africa? The Congo River Basin Africa
400 Which two African nations were never imperialized? Liberia (former American slaves)
Ethiopia (led by Menelik the 2nd) China
100 What three goods did England import from China? Tea, Silk, and Porcelain (China) China
200 The last Chinese Dynasty was... The Qing China
500 Name two reasons why the British traded opium in China It cost them little to produce (grew easily in India)
It weakened China
It could be exchanged for valuable goods that the British would otherwise have had to pay for in silver China
300 Which rebellion was inspired by Christian missionary work? (Leader believed he was Jesus's brother) The Tai Ping Rebellion China
The British gained control of which area of China during the Opium Wars? Hong Kong Japan
100 What system of government was implemented by the Tokugawa? Land-Based Feudal System Japan
200 Which country gained trade access to Japan with the Treaty of Kanagawa? The United States of America Japan
300 Who won the Russo-Japanese War and why was it important? Japan won the war, this was important because it showed the world that an Eastern nation could defeat a Westernized, European country Japan
400 Emperor Mutsuhito named his rule Meiji,
what does "Meiji" mean? Meiji means enlightened rule Japan
500 Why did Japan become an imperialist power?
What areas did Japan attempt to imperialize? Japan became an imperial power to get the natural resources needed to support their new industries. Japan was interested in Manchuria and Korea. Imperialism 101
100 The need for resources provides motivation for industrial nations to do what? turn to imperialism Imperialism 101
200 True or False: Imperialism was a negative experience for all natives of imperialised nations, there were no benefits of foreign influence False, there were some positive outcomes of foreign influence Imperialism 101
300 In which country were spheres of influence developed? China Imperialism 101
400 What was old imperialism was called? Old imperialism was called mercantilism Imperialism 101
500 Rudyard Kipling and Charles Darwin were key figures to which theory? Social Darwinism
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