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Judy Pfaff Prezi

No description

Blaire Ferguson

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Judy Pfaff Prezi

An artist of no bounds and infinite ideas Judy Pfaff Judy Pfaff Speaks... ...about Making and Feeling Judy Pfaff Background Judy Pfaff Born in London, England, in 1946.
Moved to America when she was 13.
BFA from Washington University, Saint Louis (1971)
MFA from Yale University (1973).
Mainly known for her sculptures, but has an extensive body of work in printmaking, drawing, and site specific (as well as other) installations as well. Judy Pfaff Exhibits Recognitions MacArthur Fellowship (2004)
Bessie Award (1984)
Guggenheim Fellowship (1983)
National Endowment for the Arts grants (1979) member
American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY (2002)
Milton Avery Disinguished Professor of Art, Bard College (1989, 1991)
and more... Judy Pfaff has exhibited in many sought after places... ...including, but not limited to
Detroit Institute of Art
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Judy Pfaff's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Judy Pfaff Prints A Description "Judy's prints range from small exquisitely complicated prints to large woodblocks, that also incorporate digital, hand-painting and collaged cut-outs. Like her large-scale installations her prints have a three-dimensional presence and flowing quality with multiple circles, lines and organic shapes echoing throughout each image. To bring the overall compositions together prints are often completed with hand applied paints, fabric dyes, and multiple layering.

http://www.tandempress.wisc.edu/artists/pfaff.pfaff.html Judy Pfaff's Photogravure Prints Konya, 2010
Photogravure, relief, ed. 20
13 3/4 by 82 1/8 inches Bosphorus, 2010
Photogravure, relief, ed. 20
13 3/4 by 55 3/4 inches Stephen's Green, 2010
Photogravure, relief, ed. 20
13 3/4 by 64 1/2 inches Ottoman, 2010
Photogravure, relief, ed. 20
14 by 93 7/8 inches Judy Pfaff's Etchings Untitled #1, 2008
Etching, relief, digital, hand punching, ed. 40
10 1/2 by 15 inches Untitled #4, 2008
Etching, relief, digital, ed. 40
10 1/2 by 15 inches Untitled #6, 2008
Etching, relief, digital, hand punching, ed. 50
10 1/2 by 15 inches Untitled #9, 2008
Etching, relief, digital, hand punching, ed. 40
10 1/2 by 15 inches Judy Pfaff's Woodblock Prints Year of the Dog #3, 2008
Woodblock, encaustic, digital, with handpainting, ed. 20
38 1/2 by 86 1/2 inches Year of the Dog #6, 2009
Woodblock, collage, with handpainting, ed. 12
38 1/2 by 86 1/2 Year of the Dog #8, 2009
Woodblock, collage, with handpainting, ed. 20
38 1/2 by 86 1/2 inches Year of the Dog #11, 2008
Woodblock, collage, digital, with handpainting, ed.20
38 1/2 by 86 1/2 inches Judy Pfaff's Intaglio Prints Untitled (coloreed lace), 2005
Intaglio, surface roll, wax, ed. 30
13 by 24 inches Untitled (marbleized), 2004
Intaglio, encaustic, ed. 30
15 1/2 by 45 inches Snowy Egret, 2005
Intaglio, relief, ed. 10
37 by 85 inches The Cold Half of the Month, 2005
Intaglio from steel and wood, ed. 15
37 by 85 inches Judy Pfaff's Drawings with Found Images Untitled #23, 2007
Ink, acrylic paint, found images
18 3/8 by 23 3/8 inches Untitled, 2007
Layered/perforated paper, found images, ink,
acrylic paint
12 by 17 inches Judy Pfaff's Layered Drawings I Dwell in Possibility, 2008
Layered papers: newsprint, joss, Hosho and Oaktag, aluminum
foil, dye, shellac, ink, leaves
48 by 96 inches Black Swan, 2006
Encaustic, burnt perforations, Sumi Ink, 2 layers of Crown Kozo paper
48 1/2 by 91 1/2 inches Beaufort Scale, 2008
Multiple layers of paper: Japanese, Hosho, joss, newsprint, coffee filters, magazines, origami, fishing floats, wire, shellac, dye, encaustic, acrylic
95 1/2 by 49 by 5 3/4 inches Judy Pfaff's Floral Works Flower Arranging (Sun/Shade) (Untitled #5), 2008
Chinese joss paper, Hosho, oaktag; cut perforated; dyed and shellacked, ink, acrylic
24 by 60 inches
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=120 Turkey Hill, 2009
Cut and layered paper, wire, silk flowers, coffee filters, ink
48 3/4 by 48 3/4 by 5 inches
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=119 New Morning, 2008
Perforated/burnt bond and Crown Kozo paper, silk flowers, coffee filters, wire
91 by 91 inches
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=103 De las flores, 2010
Dyed and folded Japanese papers, print matter, artificial flowers, gourds, coffee filters
91 by 91 inches
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=117 More of Judy Pfaff's Drawings Hum, 2011
Paper, artificial flowers, found images http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=104 http://www.tandempress.wisc.edu/artists/pfaff/pfaff.html http://www.tandempress.wisc.edu/artists/pfaff/pfaff.html http://www.tandempress.wisc.edu/artists/pfaff/pfaff.html http://www.tandempress.wisc.edu/artists/pfaff/pfaff.html http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=101 http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=99 Katagami A+B, 2008
Cut and painted file folders
13 3/4 by 38 1/4 by 1 1/12 inches Katagami A+B #1, 2008
Cut and painted file folders
13 3/4 by 38 1/4by 1 1/2 inches Katagam A+B, 2008
Cut and painted file folders
13 3/4 by 38 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches Katagami A+B #13
Cut and painted file folders
13 3/4 by 38 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/drawings/?album=3&gallery=105 Judy Pfaff Speaks... ...about Framing Sculpture Judy Pfaff's Early Sculptures La Caida (Fall, from Badlands Series), 1984
Painted wood, poplar, steel
132 by 108 by 72 inches Comma, comma, 1987
Painted metal, wood, plastics, formica
117 by 165 by 51 inches Horror Vacai, 1988
Painted Steel and wire
118 by 258 by 108 inches More of Judy Pfaff's Early Sculptures Saturday, All Day, 1988
Painted metal, wood, plastics, signage
84 by 7 by 36 inches Es Possible, 1989
Painted wiggle board and steel
144 by 96 by 48 inches Champagne, 1986
Painted wood, steel, woks, signage
104 by 156 by 50 inches Judy Pfaff's Wire Sculptures 3/4 Time, 1990
Painted wood, steel, plexiglass, found objects
84 by 109 by 48 inches Working Model, 1990
Painted steel wire, plastic food and containers, tin cans, glass teacups
66 by 56 by 52 inches Judy Pfaff's Artificial Flower Sculptures Said the spider to the fly, 2010
Paper, wood, wire and rod, artificial flowers
128 by 162 by 48 inches Silver bells and cockel shells, 2010
Paper, wood, wire and rod, artificial flower
86 by 192 by 62 inches Lemongrass, 2010
Paper, bamboo, artificial flowers, rice paste, ink, dye, paint, wire, Parisol, found images
113 by 65 by 8 inches http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/sculpture/?album=5&gallery=108 http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/sculpture/?album=5&gallery=111 http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/sculpture/?album=5&gallery=115 http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/sculpture/?album=5&gallery=110 Judy Pfaff's More Recent Sculptures Enter the dragon, 2011
Steel wires, plastics and papers, shellacked Chinese paper lanterns, parasol & fan, and organic matter
83 by 110 by 24 inches Kandils, 2012
Chinese honeycomb paper, melted plastic, pigmented expanded foam
32 by 17 by 18.5 inches Rangoli, 2012
Pigmented expanded foam, melted plastic
16 by 14 by 17.5 inches http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/sculpture/?album=5&gallery=106 Judy Pfaff's Earliest Installations Reinventing the wheel, 1979
Wood, plastics, contact paper, Styrofoam, aluminum
approx. 30 by 100 by 50 feet
Installation at Neuberger Museum, SUNY, Purchase, NY
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=42 Dragon, 1981
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=38 Either War, 1982
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=33 N.Y.C./B.Q.E.,
http://www.judypfaffstudio/installations/?album=2&gallery=27 Elephant, 1995
Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Birch tree, fiberglass, resin, steel, woven copper wire, duct tubing, plant materials, water
50 by 50 by 50 feet
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=21&pid=514 Judy Pfaff's Mixed Installations Judy Pfaff Natural Installations: 1 Round Hole, Square Peg, 1997
Andre Emmerich Gallery , New York, NY
Mechanical steel, tubing, plaster, pigment, tree stumps, wood, cast rubber, expanding urethane foam, pencil, in five galleries, main gallery
approx. 10 by 10 by 25 feet
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=18 Notes on Light and Shadow, 1999
Pressage of Passage, Marian Adelaide Morris Cannon Galleries, Museum of Art at Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
Plaster, urethane, expanding foam, cast acrylic, poplar, steel; 2nd room: burnt trees, steel, dye, wax
North Gallery: 14 by 22 by 28 feet;
East Gallery: 14 by 29 by 29 feet
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=16 Judy Pfaff's Installation for Theater Regina, 2005
Blitzstein's "Regina" Theatre Production,
Bard College, Richard B. Fischer Center.
Judy Pfaff, Set Designer
http://www.judypfaffstudio.com/installations/?album=2&gallery=8&pid=586 Judy Pfaff's Installations of Light Notes on Light and Color, 2000
Jaffe-Friede and Strauss Galleries, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Plaster, dyes, UV fluorescent and incandescent lights, contact paper, pencil, glass
11 1/2 by 70 by 30 feet Judy Pfaff's Recent Installations Wild Rose, 2009
Installation 2008-2009, Esther Massry Gallery, College of St. Rose, Albany, NY
Steel, expanded foam, wire, wood, plastic tubes, blacklights, neon, fluorescent lights, paint, rubber hose, black aluminum foil
324 by 216 by 216 inches
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