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Protein Synthesis Webquest

No description

Sarah Groenwald

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Protein Synthesis Webquest

Welcome, Brave Traveler!
Today you have a very important mission. You must determine what happens to proteins in a cell.
Good Luck!
You will start in the nucleus and travel through the cell to find out how they're made and where they go.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Follow the links provided to websites that help you on your quest. Record answers to questions and reflections on each step of the journey in your Science Notebook.
Learning Target

Standard 2.1: Students will be able to identify biomolecules and their precursors/building blocks

In this web quest we will specifically look at proteins, one of the 4 major classes of macromolecules.

We will begin, however, by touching on another class: nucleic acids
mRNA from the nucleus moves to the cytosol where it is translated into the language of proteins. Visit this site to transcribe and translate a protein, then answer the following questions.
What is the difference between DNA and RNA?

Why didn't you start translating from the very first base? Where did you start translating from?

Write or draw out the protein you made.
Visit this site to see what happens in the nucleus, then answer the questions below:
What is the blue blob and what is it doing?
What is going on at the very beginning of the video clip?
What are the yellow dots and what happens to them?
Proteins can also be synthesized by the Rough ER. But a lot more than that happens here! Check it out:
What does protein folding have to do with cystic fibrosis?
List and explain 3 functions of the rough ER.
What is this?
Golgi Apparatus
(is it part of the Rough ER or Smooth?)
Keep using the BSCB site. Find the article about the Golgi apparatus.
Use that and the following link to come up with an answer to the reader question, then think of a few other cell types that might have more rough ER/Golgi.
What is the process by which proteins are exported out of the cell?
Cell membranes are a complex and vital part of the cell- look at the articles on Exocytosis/Endocytosis as well as Active Transport and Passive Transport.
How do proteins help with export/import of other molecules?
How are proteins exported?
Congratulations, you did it!
Use an analogy* to tell the story of a protein from start to finish (export to a location inside or outside of the cell).
Wrap it up:
*An analogy uses real-world connections to make complex concepts more concrete by likening something you don't fully understand to something that you do.
You should understand the basic building blocks of a protein, how proteins are formed, and what happens after they do.
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