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Difference between nerds and geeks

No description

Nic Solle

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Difference between nerds and geeks

when they laughing, you can hear tem grunt
Often take interest in the microcosmic details of life
They look down on normal people
On there belt buckle they were a programmable calculator
Speak an unknown language
They wear shirts with short sleeves and a breast pocket
Origin of the Geek:

popular carneval Performer in the 1900's
his job was to perform bizarre and disgusting acts for the amusement of the locals
The Origin of Nerds:

First mentioned by Dr. Seuss in the poem "If I ran the zoo" in 1954
"A nerkle, a nerd and a seersucker"
Another explanation states that it is drunk backwards
"knurd" -> "nerd"

Their belt is located directly under their chest
Compare communication skills
Social skill and love
Discover where they work

Rocket scientist
Programming the software that the IT department has to manage
Behind the counter at the last remaining video store

IT departments
Artistic jobs like web design, graphic design, or game designs
Behind the bar, in your local record store, or pulling espressos at the coffee shop
Glasses with a brocken nosebridge fixed with bandage
Fall in love with any person they like
Talk about their hobbies in every detail
Normal social skills
Doesn't like to talk about their hobbies
Only fall in love with other nerds (tactic for survival)
Most geeks are part nerd, and most nerds are part geek. Sometimes the line between is very fuzzy.

Definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

Nerd: The person you will one day call

Geek: The people you picked on in school
and wind up working for as an adult.
Often called Norman
Keep in Mind
More boys then girls
Will use obscure references abundantly
Love using jargon or unfamiliar terminology
Not interested in daily life and more focused on scientific possibilities and the future of humankind
They never date girls
They try to be the best at school
Nerds and Geeks
1. Do not assume that nerds and geeks want to be
"converted" into "popular" people.
2. Don't assume that geeks and nerds only have one
People ridicule the interests of the Nerds, because they don't understand it
3. Remember, nerds and geeks are just people.
They might not say it, but they're not robots.
4. Many nerds and geeks are introverted, and some
are even asocial.
5. Nerds and geeks are often clever and witty.
Enjoying the SyFy channel or knowing the
Constitution in Latin are not grounds for claims of
6. It is possible for someone to be a nerd and a geek,
depending on definition.
Nerds and geeks are both smart, so don't underestimate them.
Nerds don't defend their topics of interest
Geeks want to convince you of their topics
Both of them are not accepted by the society, so be open minded about them
The interest of Geeks are ridiculed, because they're not appreciated

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