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Jacob Myers

on 5 April 2010

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Transcript of JEFF KING

JEFF KING JEFF'S HOME Jeff moved to alaska in 1975 to try to find adventure. While in alaska, Jeff soon became interested in dogs. After he and his wife got married they moved to Goose Lake. There they developed a Husky Homestead that has around 75 dogs who train year around. In the summer the Kings open their kennel for tours to anyone who wants to see. Alaska's biome is Tundra. Jeff King is 53 years old. He started racing in 1980 just 5 years after he moved to Alaska. Jeff King is so competative he entered his 1st Iditarod just one year after he started racing. Soon after his first iditarod win in 1993, he met his future wife, Donna. they got married and had three daughters, Calli, Tessa and Ellen. JEFF KING INFORMATION JEFF KING'S TRAINING Jeff King hires experienced mushers to help train his dogs. They usually just run asround and sometimes even through the lake since it is giant. Jeff entered his first Iditarod in 1993 and over the years he has won 4 of them. In the races he hasn't won he has never finished below 25th. JEFF'S SPONSORS Jeff's sponsors include: Cabela's, Alaska Industrial Hardware,Usibelli Coal Mine, Batteriess Plus and Kladi Coffee. Started with 16 dogs, 3/06/2010 14:26:00
16 dogs
3/07/2010 dogs:16 date:3/07/2010 dogs:16

time:9:19:00 dogs:16
time:16:32:00 dogs:16
time:2:25:00 dogs: 16
date: 3/09/2010
time: 15:08:00 dogs:16
date: 3/09/2010
time: 20:32:00 dogs: 16
date: 3/11/2010
time: 00:42:00
dogs: 15
date: 3/11/2010
time: 3:00:00 dogs: 15
date: 3/11/2010
time: 17:21:00
dogs: 14
date: 3/12/2010
time: 11:08:00 dogs: 14
date: 3/12/2010
time: 20:47:00 dogs: 13
date: 3/13/2010
time: 7:20:00 dogs: 13
date: 3/14/2010
time: 3:16:00 dogs: 13
date: 3/14/2010
time: 20:00:00 dogs: 13
date: 3/13/2010
time: 15:33:00 dogs: 12
date: 3/15/2010
time: 16:30:00 dogs: 12
date: 3/16/2010
time: 7:06:00 dogs: 12
date: 3/16/2010
time: 14:27:00 dogs: 12
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