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How to write a film Review

No description

Lina Cruz Ortega

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of How to write a film Review

How to write a Film Review
Lesson plan designed by Professor Lina Cruz Ortega
Writes a film review with coherent content, appropriate structure and style by identifying genre, purpose and audience so that people get the information needed to decide on a movie of their interest.
4. Listens, interprets and expresses relevant messages in different contexts by using appropriate types of compositions, languages registers and codes and communication tools.
Applies different communication strategies depending on his/her intended addressee, the context and the pursued objectives.
Communicates in a second language in everyday situations.
Uses appropriate information and communication technologies to get information and express ideas.
Performance Criteria
Analyze what a film review is.
Identify the different parts of a film review.
Write a film review using the layout recommended.
Use the appropriate tenses, vocabulary and expressions when writing.
Task 2
Depending on your learning style, you can
read or watch a video about how to write a film review.
Both do
cuments contain information about what is a film review, the
t parts of a film, and useful vocabulary, expressions and gra
structures to be used in film reviews.
Task 3
Write a film review of 200-300 words about the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Let’s watch the trailer to remember some details on the plot and read some information about the director, the characters, etc. on the link below. Good luck!

Sample: Dangerous Minds
Film review guide

Information about Harry Potter's film

Final Activity
Let’s read some of the students’ film reviews and evaluate its structure orally
Watch a movie you like and write a film review of 200-300 words. Use the film review format to take notes. Use this format each time we watch a movie.

Task 1
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