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Assignment 2: The Best of Me Now ~ My Personal Narrative Abstract

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Bryan Ramgoolam

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Assignment 2: The Best of Me Now ~ My Personal Narrative Abstract

Motivation/problem statement
What do I want to do after high school? What are my education and/or career goals and how will I achieve them? Why do I want to achieve these particular goals?
How did I decide on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go? How did my Learning Skills and Work Habits guide my research? What self-assessments did I use to determine what career goals were best for me? How did my strengths, level of resiliency, and interests determine my pathway choices? What did I actually do to find out more about myself, as well as my future aspirations?

As a result of completing the above procedure, what did I learn about myself and how did I use this to guide me in creating my Individual Pathway Plan (IPP)?
Ultimately, what are the results of my findings, in relation to the problem statement in Step 1?
The Best of Me Now
After i graduate high school i want to attend McMaster University and take a computer engineering course to obtain a degree. My education goals are to get good grades and stay focused in class. I also want to graduate highschool then move onto either college or university or a mix of both. My career goal is to get a good job involving computer technology. I want to achieve these particular goals because they are things i need to improve on and also computer technology is something i like doing and i am good at, so why not make a living off it?
Near the beginning of grade 8 i decided that i wanted to work with computers. I became involved with computers more and spent most of my time working on them. Over time, it became one of things that i was really good at. I decided that this is what i want to do but what job will i have? After doing research and looking at multiple careers, i found that i would be best at computer engineering and that i would enjoy doing it too! I found courses at different colleges and universities that would help me acquire these jobs. My work habits helped me find a career that fits my personality. They guided me to a job that requires the skills that i posses. My strengths directed me to something that i was good at and something i enjoyed doing. To find out more about myself, i assessed my skills and chose different paths. I tested my skills and thought, is this really what i want?
As a result of completing the above procedure, i learned that my skills can be applied to many things. I also have many talents that can be use to help my create a pathway. I used everything i know about myself and the skills that i posses, including work habits and from there i started thinking of the best possible pathway plan. Of course i took into consideration how i work right now and the changes i will make in the future to better myself. I know that i will have to go through many problems and i will have to face them and get through them but i will still succeed because i will persevere.
In relation to the problem statement in step 1, the results of my findings show that i want to pursue a career in computer technology. I will follow my pathway which is to graduate high school and take an engineering course in university or college. My findings show that i do posses the required skills but i need to use them in the right way. If i use my resources and all of my other tools right, i will succeed with my pathways.
My Personal Narrative Abstract
By: Bryan Ramgoolam
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