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How to take a Photographic Portrait

How to take all my photos of the computer and evolving them into online living canvas.

Trish Davies

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of How to take a Photographic Portrait

A Photographic Portrait Means :
Taking a likeness of a person
in which the face and expressions
are predominant. and A portrait emphasizes the person
the personality and mood of the subject. First find the 'Portrait' mode, on DSLR cameras this is usually
found on the MODE wheel. Here it is on the left. The Portrait icon, looks like a head this sets the aperture at
F5.6, this means everything close to the lens will be sharp
and everything in the background should be out of focus. Check out your Background
doesn't look cluttered and distracting! Look for
Simple Uncluttered Backgrounds to pose your subject in. Watch out for trees or poles
growing out of your
subject's head Avoid distracting
brick walls! A typical wide-angle portrait
with the subject in the centre Get closer to your subject.
Zoom in with your lens.
Communicate with your subject, ask them
how they would like to be portrayed. Best time to take an outdoor portrait,
in Summer for optimized lighting is
usually before 10.00am or after 5.00pm
when the light tends to be softer and
more flattering. Avoid chopping of limbs ! Frame
Subject to
feet Full Length Pose 1 2 3 4 5 Plan how you would like to portray your subject Set up your camera to 'Portrait' mode Observe lighting conditions, especially on your subject's face Take your time composing / framing your subject Arrange your subject in a uncluttered setting 1/2 length pose Frame
from the
waist up Include most
arms & hands Close up pose A close up
should include the
to avoid the
'passport look' The 5 steps were: Plan how to pose your subject. Interact with your subject during photo session. Set up camera to 'Portrait' mode and zoom the lens to telephoto range. Be Aware what is behind your subject. Avoid cluttered backgrounds. Watch out for harsh highlights or shadows, especially on the face. Fill the frame with your subject but try not to crop out hands or feet. ...and have fun! Check how the light
falls on your subject In harsh lighting conditions, place your subject under a tree or gazob to avoid harsh highlights, striking the face. No photo-editing software can bring back detail in blown out highlights.
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