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Coco Chanel

Belle Thayne and Jamaica Christensen

Jamaica Christensen

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Coco Chanel

And other Designers of the 1920's Coco Chanel About Chanel Timeline of Coco Chanel's Life The Little Black Dress Jean Patou Patou's Women's attire Jeanee-Marie Lanvin * 1910-- Gabrielle Chanel opens her first shop in Paris creating hats under the name "CHANEL Modes." In 1926 a staple of Women's wardrobes across the globe by Chanel. The Little Black Dress became hugely popular and is one of the defining pieces of Chanel's Sucess Jean Patou Patou was born in Normandy France in 1880. He worked with his uncle an then moved to Paris in 1910 intent on becoming a couturier. Patou created the first Designer Tie. Changed the accessory completely into a focal point of a mans' attire. Jean Patou was also a highly influential designer for womens clothing and specialized in dresses. Lanvin was a French fashion desginer and was the founder of the Lanvin fashion house. Her store in the 1920's contained ornamental dresses made in silk taffeta, velvet, chiffon, lace, and other rich fabrics. And Other Designers of the 1920's *Was a French Fashion Designer
*Designed jewelery, clothing, handbags, and fragrances
*Chanel's highly competitive opportunistic personality led her to make questionable life choices 1921 Chanel unveils her first fragrance the iconic CHANEL N5. It remains a timeless classic and is to this day considered the ultimate symbol of femininity. 1922 CHANEL N22 is launched. Named after the year of it's creation, the floral fragrance is conceived in the same revolutionary spirit as all CHANEL fragrances 1924 Chanel Presents the first makeup collection, featuring lip colors and face powders. In that same year the "Societe des Parfums Chanel" is formed Other Designers of the 1920's Jeanne-Marie Lanvin THE END
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