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Baconian Method vs. Modern Scientific Method

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Maddie Young

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Baconian Method vs. Modern Scientific Method

Inductive vs Deductive
Inductive reasoning is specific to general while deductive reasoning is general to specific
Preferred Inductive Over Deductive
Francis Bacon
Modern Scientific Method
Bacon's Scientific Method vs. Modern Scientific Method
- Bacon rejected Aristotle's deductive method
-Instead he chose an inductive approach
- Claims deductive does not find truth, only gives stability to errors
- Bacon likes inductive better because he thinks humans learn from observation and experience

Bacon's Scientific Method
Develop a question you want answered
Do background research to become more familiar with your area of study
Make a prediction for what you think the outcome of the experiment will be
Make a procedure to test your question and carry out the experiment
Analyze Results
Analyze your results and formulate a conclusion
First: He wants something that will agree with his opinion which he will find through experiment and something that will be easy to understand (in his conclusion/result)
Secondly, he will wish for a rule which will not tie him down to specific means and particular modes of operation
First, he will undoubtedly wish to be directed to something which will not deceive him in the result nor fail him in the experiment
Second: He will make natural laws or theories that are easy to prove because a theory that is hard to prove will acquire equipment he cannot obtain. This will result in him making broad rules which will do no good.
Thirdly, he will desire something to be shown him, which is not as difficult as the thing proposed to be done, but comes nearer to practice
When he finds something out he will follow through with simpler and easier re-tests that won't prove anything that worthy. Bacon is saying not to make easy things happen and observe them but instead see what actually happens and make sure it's certain. Also make sure it is a rule of nature and leads to legitimate action, not fake action
A final feature is that the true form deduces the given nature from some source of being which is inherent in more natures, and which is better known in the natural order of things than the form itself
The last aspect of scientific rule is that it will lead to a discovery of the necessary and sufficient conditions of a nature such as heat. The scientific rule will lead you to the condition of heat that it is a violent, irregular motion of particles.
Similarities between the modern scientific method and Bacon's method
Differences between the modern scientific method and Bacon's method
Bacon's method reached hypothesis while doing the experiment while the modern method focuses on hypothesis first. Hypothesis appear to be more important in today's method than they were in Bacon's
In the modern Scientific method you develop a theory about what might happen when the evidence is examined and your theory may change based on the evidence

In Bacon's method you try and find evidence to prove what your theory is
He is called the "father of modern science"

Many of the same themes can be seen in the modern method and Bacon's method because the modern method is based of off Bacon's method
Hypothesis have a major role in both of the methods
Bacon's method only has four steps which when simplified to one word they are: observation, hypothesis, experiment, verification
The modern scientific method has many more steps which we already went over
The modern method is almost entirely dependent on Bacon's method... he was the beginning of the modern method and changed science from deductive to inductive
Observation seems to be very important in Bacon's method
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