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Georgia O'keeffe

No description

Gustavo Tapia

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Georgia O'keeffe

Georgia O'keeffe She was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
in 1887. She found her intrest in art
when she was 10. Later in 1904 she took art classes
in Chicago, and while she was there she
met a man named Alfred Stieglitz
who inspired her work of art. Then in 1924 she married him. She was one of the best known artist
in the U.S. She painted many things such as trees, flowers, mountains, or bleached bones
that she found on the desserts floors, but her best one yet was Ranchos Church. Georgia O'keeffe was a very known
painter in until she died in 1986. This is an actual picture of Ranchos church Made by: Gustavo and Zay
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