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Texting and Driving

No description

Megan Lee

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Texting and Driving

Table of Contents Variables Effects Multitasking It Can Wait! Path Analysis What It Is Variables The Variables Texting and Driving Impaired Vision "Expert Drivers" Get it? J e r e m y S h u r i t e s Path Analysis Effects Multitasking It can wait! Statistics A Survey Results Impaired Reaction Situational Awareness Accidents Put It Down! Turn It Off! Other People Head-on collision with a tractor trailer after texting and driving. This car crashed, not only into a bank but into another car as well, because they were texting and driving Texting and driving often involves collisions with other drivers. Pedestrians may also fall victim to the carelessness of drivers that text while driving. Works Cited Questions? Works Cited Questions? Bayer, Joesph B., and Scott W. Campbell. "Texting While Driving on Automatic: Considering
the Frequency-Independent Side of Habit." Computers in Human Behavior. Vol. 28. N.p.: Elsevier, 2010. 2083-90. Print.
Feldman, Greg, et al. "Mindfulness Predicts Less Texting While Driving Among Young Adults:
Examining Attention- and Emotion-Regulation Motives as Potential Mediators." Personality and Personal Difference. Ed. T. Vernon and S. B. G. Eysenck. Vol. 51. N.p.: Elsevier, 2011. 856-61. Print.
Salvucci, Dario D., and Niels A. Taatgen. "Threaded Cognition: The Unifying Theory of
Multitasking." The Multitasking Mind. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. 7-10. Print.
Teslik, Lee Hudson. "Danger on the Road: Texting While Driving." Newsweek 148.18 (2006):
10. EBSCO eBook Collection. Web. 28 Nov. 2012. Increased risks for different cellular tasks upon certain vehicular classifications. People on their
cell phones. Complex Action Statistics Ooops....Cops. "I'm texting and driving." "Texting Lane" Texting and driving cartoon.
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