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Welcome to TweetNotes

Click the Arrow button for a guided tour of your project.

ben rigby

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to TweetNotes

Welcome to Your TweetNotes Project Above, you'll see the title & longer description
of your TweetNotes. This is your Tweet counter - it shows the sum total
of the tweets in these notes. The "Invite Friends" box allows you
(and people doing your project) to invite friends! This box will fill up with all of the people Tweeting
about your topic. It's a great way to see "Who's
in the room." And finally, the space beneath this presentation
will start to fill up Tweets & much more! If you need to edit anything, just click the
"Dashboard" button in the main nav. Now invite your followers to Tweet to your hashtag. And send them here to VOTE for
the best Tweets. That's how this stream will turn into something much more useful! Enjoy. end. Click Arrow to Load & Start You'll see a leaderboard pop up here that shows your top
Tweeters, top rated, and top rater. Any link mentioned in a Tweet will be
parsed out and displayed in a neat list in
the Media area. "Frame" the conversation with a presentation. After enough votes, you'll see a TOP 10 Tweets list.
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