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Horse Slaughter: Pros and Cons

The Opinions and the Options

Taylor Duffey

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Horse Slaughter: Pros and Cons

The Positives Supporters say that it lowers the overpopulation of horses
Helps keep unhealthy animals from being sold on the market
Only sick and old animals are slaughtered
More humane to have them slaughtered than to have them suffer The Negitives Most of the sick animals can be cured with proper vet care
Mexico and Canada do not have regualtions for their plants, therefore the horses suffer greatly in the plants
Many of the animals are there simply because the owner can not afford to feed and care for them anymore.
Wild mustangs are often caught illegally being sold to Mexican slaughter houses from ranchers looking to get ahead.
Old and sickly horses dont have good meat, so they sell for less, encouraging slaughter house owners to get better horses The Balance Non-Slaughter Options
Rescue Ranches
Breeding Regulations, only licenced owners to ensure possitive outcomes, prevents inbreeding and genetic mistakes in the offspring

Slaughter Options
Extreme Regulations
Inspection of each horse that enters a slaughter plant
Daily inspections (this could also be benefitial to cattle slaughter plants)
More funding for the inspections from Senate approval, no state independency from this law The Facts Opinions on Horse Slaughter Plants By Taylor Duffey Horse Slaughter Plants Horse slaughter was brought into the meat market after one of the European wars from the soldiers and lack of food causing them to have to eat their compainions.
All of the horses in the United States are sent to border countries for slaughter
Mexico and Canada are the biggest horse meat "producers"
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