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The golden ratio

No description

Brett Hughes

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The golden ratio

The golden ratio History
The Golden Ratio (also known
as Phi), is nothing more than
a number. 1.6180339887... Phi is used in many things in nature, but one of the most important is the human body. Phi can be expressed in a lot of ways. One of them is 5^ .5 * .5 + .5= Phi. This is said to be why we have five senses, five apendages (two arms, two legs, one head), why we have five fingers and toes, and why we have five openings in our face ( each eye, each nostril, and our mouth). Another way that Phi is used in the human body is to determine beauty. Pretend that there is a rectangle around your face. If the ratio from your chin to your eyes to the top of your head is Phi, then you are perceived as a pretty/handsome person. Also, if the ratio from the outer edge of your eye to the inner edge to the center of your nose is Phi, you are said to have good eyes Other than beauty, Phi serves another major purpose in the human body. Proportion Some ratios that equal Phi include; Top of head to elbow vs. top of head to tip of fingers, With of shoulders vs. width of abdomen, Length of femur vs. length from hip to toes. As you can see, Phi is a very important part in understanding why the body is structured the way it is. Probably the most important thing it can determine is..... Height! As you know, Forensic Anthronpologists use the femur to determine height. they can only do this becaue the ratio of the femur to the rest of the body is 1:2.67. If you take that ratio and divide it by the ratio of the humerus length, you once again get Phi In conclusion, Phi is one of the most important tools in understanding the human body. Not only doe sit help us with understanding our anatomy but it helps Forensic Anthropologists make very crucial determinations. Cites http://www.phimatrix.com/images/phi-woman.jpg
http://goldennumber.net/body.htm http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/661563/how_forensic_anthropologists_determine.html?cat=4 maths-wiki.wikispaces.com
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