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Agassi Student

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Figueroa,c2,kahlo

On September 17,1925,Frida Kahlo had a bus accident.It was on the way home from her school.Frida attended National Preparatory school.
One of her accomplishments is that she was a woman activist. She protected the woman during the Mexican Revolution. She had her face printed on a mexican pesos.
Real footage of Frida Kahlo and Diego
Frida Kahlo de Rivera was born on July 6,1907 and died on July 13,1954.She was known for her self portriats.
Frida Kahlo meet her loved one, Diego Rivera at her school. She used to tease him because she wanted to get is attention to ask for professional opinion on her paintings.
Due to the bus accident,Frida Kahlo lived with chronic pain for a life time. For several months, Frida Kahlo had to wear a back brace.This was the beginning of her painting career.She started be painting butterflies on her brace.
Frida Kahlo married Diego Rivera on August 21,1929. She was 22 years old. Marriage life was never easy for her. Instead of bringing happinest it only brought her pain and suffering.
Frida Kahlo was not only known for her self portraits, she evolved into putting her emotions onto her paintings. She talked about her pain an suffering by painting.
Frida Kahlo became ill with polio. The diseases spread all through out her body, that it caused her to get her leg amputated.
In 1953 while Frida Kahlo was on her dead bed she had her own art exhibit in Mexico City, where she became even more famous than her husband Diego. Her art was shown around the world like in New York and Paris. On July 13,1954 she died in La Casa Azul. Her accompishments became part of Mexico city daily life by helping people cope with pain.
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