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Game On!

No description

Maggie Parliament

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Game On!

Game On!
Independent Novel Studies
Consider what your gameboard will look like.
Lets create a board game based on our novels!
Your gameboard will fit inside your game box. It will include parts of the setting from your novel. It will be designed to reflect the theme of your novel. This could include courage, escaping, travels, or any challenges relating to the characters in your book.
We will need to include instructions ~ procedural writing.
Can you tell what settings were in this book?
...and this theme?
And what else goes inside your game box?
You will need player pieces to represent your main characters.
You will need die, a spinner, some way to decide turns .
Lastly, you will need game cards !
These cards need to direct play. They must include ~
20 higher order thinking questions. ....and what are Higher Order Thinking Questions?
Lets look at what makes a Higher Order Thinking question?
We can also use a Q Chart to help us create questions.
These cards need to direct play!
They must include~
* five prediction questions
They must include the reading strategy of making connections
You must include 5 "making connections" questions. We have learned about text to text, text to self and text to world in our reading program. Use what you know to help you create your own questions based on your novel. Refer to our Reading Strategies Prezi to help!
Visualization works! What do you see when you read?
Include 5 questions relating to "visualization".
Lastly, you will need to infer!
What exactly is inferring?
Make Sure Your Brochure Includes...
Explanations of the following:
Equipment Used
The Gameboard
Player piece characters
your procedural writing piece..
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