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Video Game Industry Market Plan

No description

Cody Veidelis

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Video Game Industry Market Plan

Market Plan: Video Game Industry
Industry Competition

The video game industry is fragmented
The market is essentially an Oligopoly.
The video game industry is also not limited to a specific country or region.
Video games are sold in two different ways.
The industry is still rapidly growing.
Value Proposition
For MOBA gamers MIA games offers the video game that gives the largest variety of game types and offers entertainment for consumers at any level of time commitment.
Product Life cycle
Development: Limited amount of beta keys will bring hype as well as feedback.
Introduction: Free download combined with buildup from beta will fuel successful introduction.
Growth: Consumers will get friends to play, and good public relations will cause growth.
Maturity: Loyal fan base means reliable income.
Decline: Lack of interest from the public creates need for revival scheme.

Features To meet Value Proposition:
More map options
More map options provides both variety, as well as a platform for different levels of commitment.
Trends and Success Factors
Three Major Trends in the Industry
Purchasing games online
Segmentation and Target Market
We chose the "MOBA Gamer" as our target market.
Applicability of the micro-transaction business model
Ease of Entry
Consumer profile
Who: People ages 16-30, primarily Men.
Each individual consumer will want their own specifications to best meet their needs.
These consumers do research on finding information about the thing they are going to purchase.
Best way to accommodate: Make the game on the PC platform and free to download.
Penetration based strategy
Lower than accurate representation of product - but effective entrance into the market
Price of Product is “free” - micro-transactions are our source of income
Low prices increase pool of new customers - more people will be interested in trying a new game if it will cost them less money

We are selling our product on the internet, essentially everywhere.
Supply chain - Buy hardware from computer companies, hire employees and create product with hardware, then we provide Steam with our product, and Steam sells our product.
Steam is the most logical way to distribute our product.

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