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Copy of Omarama Mountain Lodge

No description

star seas

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Omarama Mountain Lodge

Upscale New Zealand Lodge featuring -
Architecturally beautiful facilities with breathtaking views
Limited number of guest rooms for privacy and seclusion - 8 guest rooms
Expansive farmland (28,000 hectares) featuring multitude of nature inspired activities supported by seasoned guides
Target Market Segment
Elite worldwide clientele seeking
Posh Holiday destination with high-end accommodation standards
Private and peaceful environment

Pricing structure suitable for the High Net worth individuals with annual earnings of at-least $5 million USD and average spending upwards of $10,000 USD per year on vacation
Target Customers
The natural environment of New Zealand appeals to foreigners
Most of the multi millionaires live outside of New Zealand (U.S.A, Europe and Asia)
High price tag for New Zealanders

Annual Household Income for NZ : $27,600 NZD (= $21,710 USD) *
Average Night Rate for Lodge: $700 NZD (= $550 USD)
Average stay (7 nights average) and travel fare cost per customer is $7850+.

* Data Reference: http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/income-and-work/Income/NZIncomeSurvey_HOTPJun13qtr.aspx
Magnificent Destination
One of a kind nature travel experience
Uniquely distinctive services
Secluded and peace full environment
Luxurious rooms in well designed facilities
Specialized and highly - trained staff members
Superior customized services from well vetted staff
Variety of exclusive tourist activities
( helicopter trips, nature walks, horse- trekking, golfing and photographic "safaris")
Internet access and Cable TV
Recommended Marketing Strategy
Rotating cast of chefs and evening entertainers
Spa and luxury treatment
Partnership (travel packages) with complimentary
high end resorts in Australia and New Zealand
Advertising through private jet/high end yacht
(like NetJets)
Recognition through donation to local wildlife

Premium private travel concierge
(like black Amex)
Elasticity based on peak season
Market Research
+ Other market segments (ski resort, beach vacation) serving similar clientele.
+ Other destinations serve people with similar
interests (example - dude ranches) available
as a case study.
However, limited data available from such resorts. Potential visits/stays to such places can be expensive
(aka Ben Ohau or Waituiwa Lodge)
Omarama Mountain Lodge

Current Lodge Setup
: Privacy, Upscale Facilities, Access
to nearby attractions (lake tours, trails)
: Variety in entertainment activities
available targeting different age and interests, connectivity and ease of access to lodge, Seasonality
: Unmet demand for upscale secluded destinations
: Local/lobby group criticisms, competing luxurious beach vacation resorts in vicinity

Long term projections:
Customer Equity:
Lack of freshness over repeat visits resulting in limited repeat business
Brand Awareness:
Limited marketing will
result in eventual lack of demand
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