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How to teach public speaking

No description

Naomi B

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of How to teach public speaking

Inspiration Confidence Creativity Building Confident Public Speakers Why teach speech? - make it a group effort - create a safe zone - employ multimedia - introduce sources of inspiration - be a super model All about me Naomi Biesheuvel - competed throughout school - graduated with an
honors English degree - radio teaching - instructing university speech class "In making a speech
one must study three points:
first, the means
of producing persuasion;
second, the language;
third, the proper arrangement of
the various parts of the speech." -Aristotle Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Speech is power:
speech is to persuade,
to convert,
to compel.” So that when they say
what they want to say,
they will say it in a way
that will make people listen. What students REALLY need: - Inspiration - Confidence - Creativity Try it! How can you inspire your students?
Write down some practical applications
to try in your own class.

Get ready to share with everyone! What do students
in speech classes really need? - good grammar - good pronunciation - good vocabulary

- teaches students how to compromise and resolve petty arguments According to a study by the Institute of Education at London University of 4,000 students, aged 5-14: GROUP WORK - improves academic progress - helps students focus on their work - doubles the amount of thoughtful discussion between children The study suggests that teachers should act as "guides on the side'' of the groups, rather than directly teaching children in the traditional whole-of-class way. Source: guardian.co.uk - talk about challenges As a speech teacher,
you need to always
MODEL what you TEACH - use English - offer real examples in real time - share your own stories - insist on respect - never say no - acknowledge ideas ask
HOW?! - discuss stage fright honestly - use other people's words - practice, practice, practice - watch yourself - breathe! "Never mind,
I'll find
someone like
you...'' my student,
Allen Try it! How can you help increase
your students' confidence?
Write down some practical applications
to try in your own class.

Get ready to share with everyone! - avoid clichés - use improv games Aristotle's
"The Art of Rhetoric" Plato & Aristotle (Detail of "The School of Athens"
by Raffaello Sanzio, 1509) was written in
the 4th Century B.C. examples of multimedia Try it! Is your classroom friendly to creativity?
How can you encourage more innovative thinking?
Write down some practical applications
to try in your own class.

Get ready to share with everyone! improv games the dating game reward
fresh ideas What you have to say matters.
What you think is important. encourage innovation ? ask lots of questions Q&A Time 74% of Americans
list public speaking as their #1 fear,
above spiders, heights
and even death. flickr.com Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived www.ted.com When students understand: HOW WHY WHEN public speaking happens in real life... ... they will get inspired! Find more improve games at:
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