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Garretts Prezi

No description

Amy Edwards

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Garretts Prezi

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Main Characters and Koly's Family Koly
Koly's Maa and Baap
Koly's Brothers Main characters Koly's future family Hari, Koly's husband
Sass Kolly's Mother in law
Sassur Kolly's Father in law
Chandra Koly's Sister in law It starts off in a small village at Holys home, But as the story gets further along it moves from her home and village to her future husbands home and village. Settings Garrett's Prezi Written By: Gloria Whelan Homeless Bird Setting After she marries her husband it moves to a city called Varanasi where the Ganges river is. Settings Later on it moves to another city called Vrindavan. After that she finally moves to Delhi and thats where she stays and starts her new life. Plot It all starts off where Holy grew up at her home and village. she was only thirteen and that was the usual age for a girl to get married where she lived. So her father set out to look for a husband for her because where she lived your marriage was arranged. Plot When her father finally found her a husband her family had to sell a bunch of stuff to get money for the wedding and pay the bridegroom's family their dowry. When the time finally came for her wedding Holy was really sad because after the wedding she wouldn't see her family again. Plot During the wedding they find out that the husband Hari is deathly ill and much younger than they said he was and his family just wanted him to get married so that they could get more money to take him to swim in the Ganges river because they thought it had healing powers; but it was too late to stop the wedding so she had to marry him. Plot After they get married and the family takes Hari to the Ganges and he dies so her new family gets depressed and takes out their anger on her. Plot Towards the middle of the book Hari's sister and Holy's best friend gets married and leaves so Holy is all alone. Then her Sassur(Father in law) dies leaving her and her sass(step mother) all alone. Plot Eventually her sass gets a letter from her brother saying that he needs work and that her and Holy would be paid, have food, and live in his home so they left for the big city of Delhi. On their way they stop at the city of Vrindavan to rest and get food. Plot Holy's Sass told her to go get some food and meet her at the temple they were in. When Holy got the food she came back and her Sass had left her. She was all alone and had to fend for herself. Theme The overall message i guess is that even though life gets rough and hard you never give up Because there's still a chance and hope. Author and her book Ganges River Ganges River A Wedding Vrindavan Old part of Delhi A temple because Varanasi has a lot of temples Small village
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