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Good Night and Good Luck

No description

Tyler Dann

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Good Night and Good Luck

Good Night and Good Luck
By, Tyler Dann

Edward Murrow
Journalist for CBS in 1958
Had his own TV show, See it Now
Considered the father of journalism
The sign off for his TV show was "Good Night and Good Luck"

McCarthy vs Murrow
When Murrow heard news of accusation he was appalled
Invited Senator onto show and drilled him repeatedly and exposed him as an unruly leader
People in country united behind Murrow's courage
Shows how one man can make a huge difference
Milo Radulovich
Was an Air force Lieutenant
In 1958, accused of being communist by Senator McCarthy.
America outraged and afraid of tyrant McCarthy
Senator McCarthy
Was a Senator for Wisconsin in 1958
Was very opinionated
Had a very strong personality
Was feared for his power and influence
Relationship to Fahrenheit 451
Murrow=Montag - One man takes a stand
Senator=The government- Both are tyrants and are feared
Conformity- Enforced by Senator and Government
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Ray Bradbury used the allusion "Good Night and good luck"
to symbolize Montag as he confronts the government in
Fahrenheit 451.
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