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Exercise Mimetics

No description

Anna Dalpias

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Exercise Mimetics

You were to go from this...
To this...
And all you needed was this...
In the United States the prevalence of obesity is rapidly approaching 25%
Exercise: benefits
What are exercise mimetics?
Projections for the Future
By 2050 approximately 50% of Americans will be obese
Hope for the Future
1. Clinical aspects
2. Military aspects
1. http://nihseniorhealth.gov/exerciseforolderadults/healthbenefits/01.html
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(1 and 2 Information about benefits of exercise)
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(Article about current exercise mimetics)
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Effects of SIRT1 activation on mice
Manages stress
Reduces excess fat
Can prevent or delay illness
Improves mood
Improves sleep
Reasons we don't exercise
Lack the discipline
Images used
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16. costume-discount.com (image of man in military costume)
Not enough time
Unable to exercise
Activation of SIRT1
Most promising exercise mimetic...
What is SIRT1?
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