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prezi new features

new features of prezi

kyle basso

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of prezi new features

you make have noticed that prezi is a little different now. In this presentation you will learn how to use the new features of prezi. how things are different the menu has changed. there is no longer a blue circle with all the options. they are now on top of the prezi. lets take a look at what you can do with these buttons. add a frame to add a frame you simply press the plus button that says "add frame" then, if you want a simple bracket frame, just hit add frame again.

you can also select a special layout of frames for organization, or draw a frame of your choice.

frames are like slides, you can show a bunch of things such as text and images at once if they are in the same frame. this is called grouping. use the mouse to move the frame around the prezi.

you can drag things out of the frame if you want them separate, or press the delete key to delete the frame altogether. Themes. The next button to the right is themes. To enhance your prezi by giving it a special color or font, you can click themes and it gives you many cool choices. Images If you want to add an image to your prezi, click images. to add an image from your computer, hit from file. if you want to get something from google images, hit from google images. you can double click on the image and move, rotate, or adjust it using the special tools of prezi. shapes shapes of arrows can help show the path of your presentation. hitting shapes gives you many options to chose from. by double clicking the shape you can rotate or move the shape. media you may want to add a video to your presentation. this can help make our prezi come to life because the audience can see a visual of the topic. click media and you can add a video from your computer or right from you tube. as always, with prezi you can move, adjust or roate it. Powerpoint one awesome thing about prezi is you can import stuff right from powerpoint. clicking on it lets you get one from your computer. then all your slides pop up at once and you can have the option of importing all slides at once or some of them at a time. then you can use prezi to group your slides and organize them better. path the order of all your content is to the left. but if you hit edit path you can adjust the order on how things appear in your presentation. you can even make your path bigger and show smaller amounts of content per slide. Videooooooooooo here is a cool video if you want to learn more about the new look/features in prezi. whats new on the button on the top left you can easily start presenting your prezi by just simply hitting the blue button
to the right of the present button you can easily start a new prezi from here instead of having to go back and hit "new prezi"
to the right you can invite others to edit or watch the prezi on the computer.
the next button over you can make the prezi a PDF. summary even if it looks different, the basic tools of prezi are still there.

anything on your prezi whether its a frame, image, text, shap, or video can be moved, rotated or adjusted by clicking on it once and using the blue tool.

to the left you can control the order of your presentation and add/delete things on your path

all the top buttons are the basic tools whether its adding frames, changing themes, importing from powerpoint., or adding images/shapes/videos.

although i recommend frames for organization, you can add free content anywhere by double clicking in that area

you can zoom in and out by clicking the magnifying glases to see content better or too add more things deeper in the prezi. zooming using the scroll button on your mouse of clicking the two magnifying glasses to the right allows you to zoom in. This allows you to see content more closely, or to get deeper in to your prezi to add more content. this can be very useful if you have a lot of content. zoom out if your done with zooming in. press the home button to zoom all the way out. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN!!! More new features for presenting you can temporarily black out the screen. do this by pressing b. undo this by moving the mouse or pressing any key. 3d backgrounds can now be added to enhance your prezi. click themes, customize current theme, and upload. now you can select an image of your choice to be 3d. prezi just got way more fun. you can now do fade in animations.
click the star button on the slide you want to animate on the left thumbnail.
click on the content you want to animate.
the numbers are the order the content will fade in.
click the star again to cancel the animation.
hit reset to cancel all animations in the frame.
hit done when done
hit play to preview animation Spell check

spell check is simple. right click the word and it will give you suggestions of the right werd. hold on, let me correct that to word.... aspect radio

you need to know exactly what your prezi will look like on your presenting screen.
sometimes you will need to adjust the aspect radio.
hit control shift m to switch between 4:3 and 16:9. Prezi also has
new colors and fonts
the play button to go to show mode.
templates. they will come up when you hit new prezi.
google image insert
bendable lines
image cropping, double click the image.
dragging into your desktop THE END! enjoy prezi and have fun with the new features Hello.

you make have noticed that prezi is a little different now. In this prezi you will learn how to use the new features of prezi and how to find everything in the new look of prezi.
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