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Tuesdays with morrie

No description

connor manning

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of Tuesdays with morrie

lesson 1 learn how to die and you learn how to live
i think this picture is relevant because. it shows a man who is dying doing something he probably would never do and living his life to the fullest. going back to what morrie said about dying i think this statement has truth to it. it seems as we near our end we try to do as much as we can before we go.
lesson 2
offer others what you have to give this picture is relevant because it shows a young boy giving a homeless man food . it also goes along with what morrie said about giving other people what you have to offer.
lesson 3
life is like a classroom this picture is relevant be cause it shows a classroom that symbolizes the most important class of them all the class of life. andhow to learn how to live. wich is the lesson that the book is trying to teach
lesson 4
wealth cant buy happiness this picture is relevant because most people want more and more money to try and buy happiness. although it doesn't seem to ever work it only brings more unhappiness.this relates to when morrie worked at a mental hospital.
Tuesdays with morrie
life lessons
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