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James Joyce [DK]

A short presentation of the famous writer in english.

Dario Caricchio

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of James Joyce [DK]

JOYCE Dublin 1882-
Zurigo 1941 From 1905 to 1939 Biographical notes Childhood and education James Joyce was born in Dublin in 1882
and he studied in the most prestigious
Jesuit colleges. He completed his studies
in 1902 with a degrease in modern After several travels, in which he met Italo Svevo, he wrote a short story collection: "Dubliners". During the World War One,
he went to Zurich, where he wrote his
main work, "Ulysses". In 1923, he began
to write "Finnegans Wake", published
in 1939. From 1939 to 1941, his physical
condition got worse.
He became almost blind and,
with the outset of the
World War Two, Joyce went
back to Zurich, where
he died in 1941. languages (French, Italian and Norwegian). The last years P Dubliners 'Eveline' Poetics Collection of fifteen stories (1914) Different people's lives living in Dublin The stories follow the four phases of human life: childhood, adolescence, maturity and public life. Characters come from all walks of life Different themes, like paralysis, epiphany, escape, etc. Inner conflict between duty and desire. She lives in a claustrophobic atmosphere and for this reason she has a complex and tormented mind. She has the opportunity to change her life, but she decides to continue to live her dutiful but dull life: clumsiness. Paralysis A condition of modern man in consequence of a frenetic life and impersonal city life.
This condition depends on different sources, as unhappy job, loneliness, etc.
Characters have some desires, but they're forced to give up due to force majeure. Epiphany it describes a sudden revelation in the everyday life of the characters, but they passively continue with their lives as before. Theme of escape. An example of paralysis. 'The Dead' An example of epiphany. This story was added later as result of Joyce's reflections The title can be interpreted in two ways: 1. It can refers to people, incapable of reacting against the world, so they're spiritually "dead". 2. it can refers to Furey and how those who are dead an still have a great influence and effect on the living. The final image of the falling snow can be seen as a symbol
of death. Ulysses (1922) All the action takes place on one single day. Three character: Stephen Dedalus, and husband and wife, Leopold and Molly Bloom. It refers to Homer's Udyssey, with many parallels between the two works. Novelty in literature: stream of consciousness , an interior monologue technique to express every single thought of the characters. Every action, no matter how small, becomes relevant and representative. "He began to doubt the reality of what memory told him.
He halted under a tree and allowed the rhythm to die away.
He could not feel her near him in the darkness nor her voice touch his ear.
He waited for some minutes listening.
He could hear nothing: the night was perfectly silent.
He listened again: perfectly silent. He felt that he was alone."
('A painful case' - "Dubliners" - James Joyce)
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