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Ways That the Constitution Has Become More Democratic

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Sergio Lugo

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Ways That the Constitution Has Become More Democratic

Ways That the Constitution Has Become More Democratic
The Constitution has been affected by democratic means. Although the founding fathers didn't want the general public to be able to affect the Constitution, we've moved to an even more democratic republic and are now able to add amendments to the constitution. The Constitution never stated how it was supposed to be read, so as a result, women and slaves didn't receive voting rights immediately. Large amounts of people banded together and made amendments be added to the Constitution allowing for new voting eligibility and other things.
Amendments Added to the Constitution
The Nineteenth Amendment
The Nineteenth Amendment (1920) gave women the right to vote.
The Twenty-fourth Amendment
The Twenty-fourth amendment prohibited poll taxes (which discriminated against the poor).
The Fifteenth Amendment
The Fifteenth Amendment (1870) prohibited discrimination on the basis of race in determining voter eligibility.
The Twenty-third Amendment
The Twenty-Third allowed the residents of Washington D.C. to vote.
Some notable examples are:
The Twenty-sixth Amendment (1971)
The Twenty-Sixth amendment lowered the voting eligibility age down to 18.
All of these things were achieved by people banding together and letting people know that that's what they wanted, making it climb the political agenda.
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