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Overview - International Students

No description

Jen Stewart

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Overview - International Students

About Career Services
Career Exploration while at OSU Unique
Part of you
Explore strengths, personalities, and interests through assessments
Explore career options
Learn what can be done with a certain major of study
Make informed decisions about choosing a major or switching majors
Discuss job anxieties and frustrations Career Counseling 9 in 10 employers said they look for students to have one or two internships before graduating, and that those internships should be at least three months each to provide enough experience. Come to OSU with goals
Only know what you've been exposed to
These may change while here Internships Research Many opportunities to do undergraduate and graduate research
Great way to explore if research is for you
Work with well-known professors in their field Other Services & Resources
Great way to learn more about your interests, strengths, and values
Meet new people
Can add to your resume
Many ways to get involved... Get Involved Career Counseling Drop-In Resume Hours Mock Interviews Career Fairs & Events Clubs & Organizations Intramural Sports Volunteer Over 300 clubs on campus
Can start your own club
Leadership & Student Government Learn a new sport
Meet more people
Get exercise
Way to be more connected to OSU
And it is FUN! Great way to gain skills and network
Plenty of opportunities in Corvallis community
Center for Civic Engagement http://oregonstate.edu/career Career Counseling Online job/internship database system
Full-time, part-time, on-campus, internships, etc.
Schedule career counseling appointments Career Fairs – every term (October, February, April)
Non-Profit and Volunteer Opportunity Expo – January
Information Sessions with Employers - every term
On-Campus Recruiting (Interviews with employers) - every term; find on Beaver JobNet
Graduate School Information Panel - November
Seminars on career-related topics – every term Combine what you learn in the classroom with "Real Life Experience" from the work place
Allow you to try out career options and gain professional experience that will be helpful in finding a full-time position upon graduation
Short-term work assignments related to your major or career of interest -- may or may not be paid REFERENCE: 7 Things Employers Want from New Grads, by Kimberly Palmer | U.S.News & World Report LP – May 16, 2012 Located in basement of
Kerr Administration Building, B008 How to "explore" your career
options while at OSU Part-Time Job Develop your communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills
Earn some extra cash
Meet new people
Many jobs on campus ***NOTE: As an INTO student you cannot work, but once admitted to OSU you can work on campus. Use Services and Resources The most successful people use their resources and are willing to ask for help. Dixon Rec Center The Writing Center Counseling & Psychological Services Library Career Services Academics Take classes that interest you or try something new
May find the career direction you want to pursue
Connect with your professors
Meet other students who have similar interests as you Test Your Knowledge Career Services is located
on what floor? Research Careers http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ Job Shadow Informational Interview The Basement If you weren’t sure about your major,
what service could you use? Career Counseling What are two ways you could get involved
or explore your career while at OSU? internship, part-time job, volunteer,
academics, join a club, research, etc. What days of the week are
Drop-In Hours for resume feedback? Monday - Thursday What is the name of the job database system that lists job and internship postings? Beaver JobNet Thank you!!! 1. Verbal Communication
2. Strong Work Ethic
3. Teamwork
4. Analytical
5. Initiative
6. Problem-solver
7. Written Communication
8. Interpersonal
9. Computer
10. Adaptable Top 10 Qualities & Skills in Demand Finding an individual who would allow you to “tag along” as they engage in their usual work
It may include some time set aside to ask questions as well Explore careers and clarify your career goal
Discover employment opportunities that are not advertised
Expand your professional network
Build confidence for your job interviews
Access the most up-to-date career information
Identify your professional strengths and weaknesses
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