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Humber College, Toronto, March 22

No description

Nick Charney

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Humber College, Toronto, March 22

examples background a bit of @nickcharney

ncharney@cpsrenewal.ca scheming virtuously people - public policy - technology my niche sharing start Lego and Public Policy
Office Culture and Skyrim
Kindergarten and Collaboration
Disruptive Innovation and Cultural Tricksters
The Hype Cycle and Internal Policy Development (from my blog) \t the web is these are not the droids you're looking for establish niche 3 pick interests sustainable energy, public engagement & First Nations Governance
process improvement, health care & open data
transit, economic development & immigration
startups, crowd-funding & tax policy
protest, pseudonymity & the internet e.g. just make that you are interested; you don't want to corner a market you hate people public policy technology Trickster represents a certain flexibility of mind and spirit, a willingness to defy authority and invent clever solutions that keeps cultures (and stories) from becoming too stagnant. crosses physical and social boundaries
traveler / nomad
blurs distinctions between right and wrong
invents new cultural goods or tools
sexually over-active, irresponsible, and amoral.
creative liars
tells stories that make people laugh and inspire awe Tricksters have something to say about how culture gets created, and about the nature of intelligence. Trickster your disruptive advantage use that disruption to your further reading start writing other reading others
leaving insightful comments
planting trackback links & Twitter Facebook Google+ Google alerts set up find your true fans 1,000 start risks understand the people ideas connecting walk the line opportunity risk @nickcharney
ncharney@cpsrenewal.ca scheming virtuously people - public policy - technology thank you
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