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The Great Kapok Tree Summary

No description

Heather Highley

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Great Kapok Tree Summary

The Great Kapok Tree Summary (for 2 Characters)
Character #1
Character #1 continued Plus Character #2 started
- is the person who wants or needs something.
The Man
- is the thing that the person wants or needs.
The man wanted to cut down the Kapok tree.
- is something that is keeping the person from getting what they want or need- the PROBLEM
But the animals did not want him to cut down the tree because it is their home.
So- is the solution to the problem
So the animals whispered in the man's ear while he was asleep and he decided not to cut down the tree.
- this is the end of the story.
Then the man left the forest.
Somebody #2
The somebodies are the animals of the rainforest.
Wanted #2
The animals wanted the man to not cut down the tree.
But #2
But, the man was determined to chop the tree down.
Then #2
Then the animals lived happily ever after in their great Kapok tree.
So #2
So, the animals talked the man into not cutting down the tree.
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