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my first creation - IT

ICT homework set by Miss. Hodgkinson. 1 / 5 / 2010

Kirsty Horsfall

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of my first creation - IT

Horse Riding!!! Dressage for fuck sake Riding at the Weekend Racing Stunt Riding Jumping Out Hacking hello peeps!!!! By Kirsty Horsfall 7 Squares It's great fun, whether its... Or simply just
Pleasure Riding Competetive Or Daring hi peeps!!! Hello and welcome to my Prezi about... Hello and welcome to my Prezi about... Thanks for watching! Thanks for watching! BOO!!! I love horses!!! I have a pony called Bessie and
I ride her at the weekends. I like to gallop
but I'm not so keen on Jumping! My grandma and grandad have a horse called Monty who I love to bits and he loves me too. He is scared of pole even centimeters off the ground!
I had my first pony (William) when I was 6 and he was really cheeky and loved to gallop and jump! Frankie Dettori is a famous jockey
and when ever he wins a race
he kisses his horses neck and leaps
clean off it! If he doesn't, sometimes the
crowd starts to boo!
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