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Olin Downs

on 4 February 2011

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Beau Martin
Olin Downs The Situation Key Player Key Player Carol Kallas Charles Browning
IMT needs to improve the efficiency and organization of their information systems across the company. VP of IMT CMCI
Not involved in the use of the information systems at IMT Staff Engineer
Extensive scientific computing background
Finishing his MBA
It is apparent that the underlying problem at IMT is the lack of a clear and cohesive strategy for the company’s entire information systems. Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Recommendation THE END THANK YOU
No senior level manager to provide clear information system direction throughout the entire company

No clear and consistent Mission/Vision Statement for the company

Current support for information systems split between two groups (MIS and ES) with no interconnection

Large amount of CPUs being used to run engineer CAD application on the mainframe

Current connectivity issues between Chicago and the mainframe in Fort Wayne which impact the performance of work at the Chicago plant

Use of individual LANs in separate departments, no implementation of a WAN to share information

No redundancy of company data in case of faltering mainframe

Different groups having to rely on paper systems when computer systems fail

Scheduling information and test details by hand rather than through a network

Each division relying on software developed locally to solve their immediate business problem, without consideration for compatibility with the solutions developed at other locations

Costly software updates to keep old systems functioning

A push from the Business group management team to incorporate a common custom design system in all of it factories. ISSUES @ IMT Centralized computing environment Pros Cons IMT would have to invest in new software
the cost incurred by moving from one platform to another for the CAD workstations.
require development of a viable bridge from the mainframe to the new CAD stations.
conflict with the push from the business group to adopt UNIXworkstations.
Bad if Mainframe fails IS staff would be the most prepared
Discontinuing the use of the workstations would free up the mainframe Workstation computing Moving to a Linux environment Wait and watch Pros All the information is spread out
All the information would be connected to a common network
Movement to individual workstation is also consistent with the IMT business group’s strategy Cons Pros Cons Pros Cons IS staff retains little knowledge of distributed computing
Might require hiring additional staff
Need for increased technical support, training, and tools to aid in the distributed environment
Require replacement or redevelopment of applications. Pros include that Linux is portable, runs on many different machines
It is scalable
Can be clustered for growth and redundancy
Is growing in acceptance
Consistent with the Business groups push to workstations
Costs that might be incurred from converting existing applications that the company currently uses.
It is also very different from what IMT currently employs technologically. Germany is moving to a workstation environment, so waiting would allow time to prepare for the conversion
Allow time to test Linux and see how usable it is Waiting could hurt the business more
They have been using this option already Gradual transition to a workstation-computing environment
Implementation of Linux workstations
Employ the use of WAN consisting of interconnected LANs to share information
Utilize senior level executive to function as CIO
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