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No description

Mahmoud Abdullah

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of Seminar

.. Online Medical Services .. Information Systems Department Supervised By:
Dr.Rasha Ismail ..Agenda.. Team Members Mahmoud Abdullah Mahmoud Salah Mohamed EzzElDeen Mohammed Mostafa Maged Mamdouh Objectives -Online Reservation.. -Online Ordering.. -Using Maps to detect places.. -Rating Doctors.. -Contact Receptionest.. -Notify Users (user's E-mail) -Feedback to doctors.. -Web Application.. Introduction -∵ Getting the medical services from the medical places is so difficult
and it is a major problem . -∵ The usage of Internet is increasing continuously in Egypt.
And Became a very important in our life.

-Internet usage .. (Governmental services , banks and restautants and so on ) .

-around 24 million Internet users as of March/2011 , 30.7% of the population). Then >> We decided to solve this problem making....
"Online Medical Services" Problem Definition -Due to absence of organized system ,
the medical services are so difficult
and these are examples of problems
faced by patients : Crowded Hospitals. Not Organized appointments. Wasted time and effort. Unknown location. System Architecture Login User WebSite Save Request Server & DB Check Request Web Application Manage Requests Employee Notify
Reply Search Search within webSite Display Result Introduction
Problem Defintion
System Architecture
Future Work Request ..THANKS.. FOR ..LISTENING.. TA:
- Shimaa Haridy
- Raghda Amr ..Conclusion.. Finally , we hope that we help patients as we can , and we hope we success with this project to offer useful services for patients make getting the medical service easily. ..Future Work.. Mobile Application..
Search about all medical topics from all the web..
For being more Generic, We can add more services such as: Blood Banks and Ambulance Centers .
Patient can make audio/video conference with the recieptionist or the doctor in critical cases. Contact Employee & Messages Demo -Doctors profiles .. -Contact between doctors .. ...Technologies... WebSite .. ASP.Net Ado.Net
C# Web Application.. C#
Web Service
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