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sylvi macCormac

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of VOICES & WHEELS

Wheel No.7 with Dal Richards & Friends (2010)

More than a year in the making and featuring a vast cast, from newcomers to Vancouver’s legendary Dal Richards & His Orchestra – Wheel No. 7 is both epic and accessible, like watching a movie without pictures – actually, listen to Wheel No. 7 with your eyes closed and you are on a journey.
The track is the latest in the long-running Wheels project, which mixes the voices of people with dis-abilities, recorded on location and at the VAMS accessible studio at G.F. Strong Rehab. Centre, with sylvi’s compositions and soundscapes.
Chatanooga Choo Choo & Blues in the Night
with Dianne Lines & Jamie Croll & Jim Byrnes.
Royal Hudson & 1888 CPR Steam Engine from World Soundscape Project at SFU. Antique Miniature Train recorded 1998.
WHEELS Soundscapes: Voices of People with Dis Abilities

As part of her BFA at SFU, Sylvi started the WHEELS project (1997) at SFU & VAMS and continues to compose with the voices of people with DIS abilities to create soundscapes and audio portraits. Sylvi was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1982. She hopes to create and facilitate more interdisiplinary projects for people with dis abilities interested in pursuing artistic & expressive work.

A child of Irish Immigrants who grew up in Coast Salish Territory on the West Coast of Canada, though no longer able to walk or play an instrument because of Multiple Sclerosis,
i am “still brave” because of my community and because Electroacoustic Soundscape composition and “New and Improved” Radio provides me access to transcend Dis-Ability and continue to explore Fields of Sound.

i drew inspiration for the WHEELS project from the Radio-Ballads created by Peggy Seeger, Ewan McColl and producer Charles Parker of the BBC. 'Body Blow' includes song, sound and stories of people with Polio. The Simon Fraser University Soundscape studies and Glenn Gould’s 'Solitude Trilogy' inspired me to compose, and the Radio-Ballads were the catalyst to create WHEELS Soundscapes with the voices of people with disabilities.

www.SYLVI.ca – www.VAMS.ca - www.SFU.ca
Penny : a Process (3:07) 1998 Wheel 3.5
printed on Presence III CD (2002) by
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
and Canadian Music Centre's
Electricities / Électricités CD (2003)

includes ‘ the gently haunting ambience of Sylvi MacCormac’s ‘Penny: a Process’ … ‘ Electricities/Électricités’ offers 37 new windows in a brief tour into the extraordinarily rich and divers history, geography and currents of Canadian electroacoustic music drawn from the huge catalogue of the Canadian Music Centre’s Distribution Service. ‘Electricities / Électricités’ travels through time, from Hugh LeCaine’s 1957 pioneering and artful experiments with the world’s first ‘Sackbut’ synthesizer on ‘The Burning Deck’ and Ann Southam’s sparse and elegant ‘Reprieve’ from 1979, to the cutting edge and ground breaking contemporary works of Robert Normandeau and Louis Dufort. This CD sampler includes excerpts from some of the most innovative and exciting electroacoustic music happening in Canada over the past five decades.’

www.musiccentre.ca - cec.concordia.ca
Electroacoustics (including Soundscape Composition) stretches the boundaries of music by collaging sound, story and song, transforming sound sources with signal processing and combining them in creative ways. Diffusion extends familiar structures, by placing the listener inside the soundscape while inviting us on imaginary journeys. sylvi macCormac
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