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Coco Chanel

A brief presentation on COCO Chanel

Jennifer Lam

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Coco Chanel

Fashion Leader:

Who is Coco Chanel ?
Coco's Story
Her Legacy
Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel
Inside Chanel
Coco was born in Saumer, France in 1883, August 19.
Died at the Ritz Hotel in 1971 on January 10
Inside Chanel
Leadership Style
Chanel Brand
Founder of world renowned Coco Chanel Brand
A fashion leader who revolutionized the fashion scene forever.
A contributer to women's rights, due to her act in liberating the fashion scene.
Legacy in Elegance.
Famous Words

At a young age, Coco became an orphan at the church of Aubazine. There, she learned the skill of sewing that would soon play a part in her life. She sought to dislike her past, so she invented her life by avoiding her miserable childhood. Because her past was present with orphanhood, poverty aand illegitamacy, she made false claims about her childhood. As she was growing up, she adopted the name COCO from her brief career as a cafe singer from a song she sang called, "Qui Ca Vui Coco", meaning who has seen Coco.
She was an orphan and had a rough childhood. Her mother died when she was young, and her father abandoned her and sent her to an orphange.
Rise to Success
Her success came during World War II, where many men were drafted and women had to enter the workforce industry. The fashion of a modern women during that time was the corsets and the most uncomfortable dresses. Chanel re-invented the fashion scene by introducing jersey fabric to women.
"Fashion has two purposes; comfort and love."
Freed the 1940s modern women of restrictive, waist-cinching outfits and introduced free, looser styles of clothing
Coco is a charismatic leader. Her dignity and overwhelming courage of changing the fashion scene in the 1900s was astounding. Throughout her career as a fashion designer, she stayed true to her goals, her beliefs, and most importantly, her self. As mention before, she created looser fashion and was the first women fashion designer to take inspiration from jersey fabric, that was originally used for mens undergarments.
- History will remember her as simply, the fashion leader, Coco Chanel
- She will continue to inspire a whole new generation of fashionistas through her individualism in fashion.

only style remains.
Fashion fades,
- Adopted the name 'Coco' from her career as a cafe singer
works cited
- enigmatic
- courageous
- unique
- persevering
Fashion Pioneer

1913 opened up her first millinery shop
1912-1920 gradually became a premier fashion designer
1921 created classic CHANEL No.5 perfume
1924 became partner w/ Pierre Wertheiner in perfume industry
1925 introduced signature cardigan
1926 created the 'little black dress'
1939 closed her shop because of world war 2
1954 restored 1st rank of haute coture
-Her passion for fashion created CHANEL.
Still, one of the powerhouses in the fashion industry.
her contributions
-gave women freedom to express themselves through their clothes
* without chanel, modern fashion wouldn't be what it is today
-several movies have been made and biographies have been published about her life.
-created classics that still remain fashionable
-CHANEL brand is the top of the top
Because of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel's passion and the genius of Karl Lagerfeld
Jennifer Lam

What comes to your mind when you hear chanel?
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Inspired me to continue to express my inner fashionista.
CHANEL is one of the most successful fashion company today.
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