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My Personal Introduction

No description

Haley Ellis El

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of My Personal Introduction

Hi! My name is Haley Ellis El,
I am doing this presentation to provide some general information about me. My Personal Introduction I live in Westminster and I have lived here
for almost my entire life. I have one sister, Erika,she is 14 and currently in 10th grade. She has dark brown hair,
light brown eyes, and tan skin. She likes to sing and preform in plays. In twenty years I hope to have a stable job and a family. Ten things MOST people don't know about me: 1. I have been doing ballet
since i was 3. 2. The farthest I have thrown a
6 l.b. shot put is 22.5 ft. 3. I practice tennis with my dad
on the weekends. 4. I have had the same favorite color since
i was in kindergarten. 5. I go to work with my mom to get service hours. 6. I spend most weekends in the summer camping
in West Virginia. 7. I played violin for 2 yrs. 8. I was in Eisteddfod. 9. I am taller than my older sister. 10. I have always been one of the tallest in my class. I have been to Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia,
New Jersey, Florida, and Tennessee. I run on a track and field team where I run the 100 and 200 m. and throw shot put. I want to become a journalist I don't know what college i want to go to but i want to study English. If I could go any where in the world I would go to Africa. I would want to see how different it is from America. I belong to the garden club at school, we pull weeds, plant flowers, and mulch the garden. An experience I had with my friends is we went down the hill in my backyard into the woods and went exploring. This year I want to: -Get straight A's all year
-Get all my service hours
-Get good attendance
-Study more so that I get better grades THANK YOU FOR BEING A GREAT AUDIENCE!!!!
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