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Copy of Commercialisation of Sport

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Phil Harrison

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Commercialisation of Sport

The commercialisation of sport is
the aspect of sport that involves the
sale, display, or use of sport or some
aspect of sport to produce an income.
Commercialisation of Sport
For example, professional athletes are
paid large amounts of money to wear
or endorse a product.
The ownership of teams and the rights to televise sporting events are
not bought and sold for large amounts of money.
Changes to Sport
The commercialisation of sport (more so on TV) has also caused sports to change so that they better suit the needs of business.
Tie-breakers and 90 second change overs
in tennis to accomodate commercial breaks.
World cup soccer matches are played
in the heat of the day to suit sponsors.
The change in cricket to more one-day competitions and six-ball overs, giving increase in advertising and making the game more interesting for viewers.
In rugby, cricket and AFL, almost every item associated with the game carries the sponsor ‘s logo.
In netball, the traditional skirt and top has been replaced by lycra outfit and short dresses to help sell the game on TV.
Australian Facts
In 2007, the most watched programmes were:
1. AFL: Grand Final
2. Tennis: Australian Open – Men’s Final
3. Rugby League: Grand Final
4. Election debate: Rudd v Howard
5. Cricket: Australia v England
Does this justify why sponsors pay so much money to have their product worn or shown in these games?
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