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Examination regulations for year 1 students

No description

Zoltan Graf

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of Examination regulations for year 1 students

Everything Year 1 IBS students need to know about examinations
Do I need to pass coursework in the given module in order to be allowed to take an exam?
What happens if I do not show up at an examination?
When is the retake exam?
Do I need to register for my exams in Neptun?
Not necessarily!
You may try the exam with a failing coursework mark (less than 40%),
but to pass the module, your final mark
(= the average* of your coursework and exam marks) must reach 40% in the end.
it counts as a "failure" which means that when you retake the exam, your mark
will be "capped" at 40%, except...
if you can prove a "mitigating circumstance" (prolonged illness or other circumstances beyond your control) and send a request to
The retake exam (for a maximum of 40%) will be in the
next examination period
in June, and further retake opportunities will be provided every semester.
Yes. We ask all students to register in Neptun so we know how many students
to expect. However...
...exam registration will be blocked for students who have a financial, administrative or expired library debt to IBS. These students will be treated in the same way as students not showing up - and a debt is not a mitigating circumstance!
What do I need to bring with me to the exam?
Two pens - or more :)
Your IBS exam card + a passport or other official ID

What happens to those caught cheating or breaking the exam regulations in any way?
They will receive 0% for
their exams in the season, and can retake them later for maximum 40% only, except...
...those who get caught a
- they will be
from IBS!
When and where will I see my exam results?
Exam results will be disclosed after review by various boards – this may take
a very long time
, so you may only see your exam results in late February or early March. The results will be entered in the Neptun system.
Viewing times will be organised and announced after the publication of the results.
More questions?

Ask anyone at the
Centre for Student Services
, or...
Read the
Academic Leaflet
Contact the
Academic Counsellor
Please use the
arrow at the
bottom of the screen to go through this presentation
* average weighted according to the weighting specified in the module description
If you had a passing coursework mark (40%+), the exam is compulsory for you. In this case, if you do not show up, you will receive 0%.
And, what is worse...
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