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Informal Letter Writing

Letter writing ks2

Melanie Crabtree

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Informal Letter Writing

Informal Letter Writing
To who and why do you usually write informal letters to?
Have you ever received a hand written letter?
How did it make you feel?
Did you keep the letter?
Did you share it with anyone?
Did you write back?
Have you ever re-read the letter?
You have been learning about Chembakolli. What can you tell me you?

The Oaks Community Primary School,
Ellesmere Port,
CH65 9EX
14th July 2014
Hello Friend,
Introduce yourself
Why are your writing?

My name is ...
I am ... years old.
We have learnt all about where
you live and I would like to tell you
about where I live.
Closing paragraph
The closing often mention of how you feel about writing to them:
End with a friendly statement.
You may want to invite the reader to write back.
Don't forget to ask questions.
promises of staying in touch.
Sign off
Warm regards,
Hope to hear soon,
With love,
Kind regards,
Best wishes,
All the best,
Bye for now,
You are to write to 200-300 words.
Total marks for this part: 30 marks (15 for Task Fulfillment and 15 for Language)

You just received a letter from an old friend asking for news about the new town you moved into. Write a letter to your friend talking about:

Your new town
Your new school
The friends that you made

Use continuous English and appropriate style, making sure you cover all three points.
You are given one envelope per group.
Read the question together shown later.
With your group members, try and rearrage the contents of the envelope to present a letter, fulfulling the task in the questions.
Do this under 5 minutes.
You are to write to 200-300 words.
Total marks for this part: 30 marks (15 for Task Fulfillment and 15 for Language)

Your friend just moved to England to further his studies. As you have not heard from him since, write a letter to your friend telling him about:

A teacher you both know
Your plans for the school holidays
A new classmate

Use continuous English and appropriate style, making sure you cover all three points.
Learning Objectives
To be able to write an informal letter describing what life is like at The Oaks.
To be able to identify the features of an informal letter.

Success Criteria
write in your neatest handwriting and use the features of an informal letter.
be structuring your ideas in paragraphs.
be using sophisticated sentences openers and subordinating conjunctions.
(We have assembly at precisely..., When I walk down the hall..., As I play outside...)

In pairs look at the different types of letters.
Can you sort the letters into
informal and formal?
Informal letters are written to friends or family.

They use chatty and colloquial language.

Writing in a similar style to how you speak.
Formal Letters are written in a professional language.

They are written to businesses, schools or any professional.

be able to sort the letters into formal and informal.
be able to identify the purpose of the letter.
identify and analyse the various features.

You are going to write an informal letter to a friend in Chembakolli.

You are going to tell your friend all about life at the Oaks.
Very descriptive
Excellent handwriting
Super spellings
Lots of questions
Informal language
Needs more questions
Forgotten address
Check spellings
More paragraphs
More detail
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