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sabetha somaskanthan

on 25 May 2013

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Thank you for watching my presentation about the medieval ages Religions in the medieval ages! Religions in the medieval ages The catholic church The catholic church was the only church in Europe during the middle ages,and it had its own laws and large coffers. Watch this video about crusades, By:Sabetha About the medieval Europe As the population of Europe expanded in the twelfth century,the churches that had been built in roman style with round-arched roofs became to small. Medieval Europe religions Following of the roman empire ,Christianity,Judaism and islam flourished and completed for control. Christian kings,nobles,soldiers and nights attacked muslim cities (particularly Jerusalem) in the holy land (Palestine) in order to control of the land root of Christianity. Christianity and Islam Monks are group of men who lived in monasteries. What are nuns? What are monks? Similar groups of women were called nuns
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