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jae park

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of http://commerce.microsoft.com

Zoot Suit Riot:
Mexican-American VS Marines/Sailors

Summary of the Zoot Suit Riot
The zoot Suit Riot was a series off riots in 1943 during World War II that broke out in Los Angeles, California, between white sailors and Marines stationed in the city and Latino youths.
The Zoot suit riot Began On May 30th and ended on June 9. Lasted 10 days.
What Caused the Riot?
Sleepy Lagoon murder
This case had a very unjust trial of mexican Americans.
22 were found guilty out of the 600 Mexican American that were arrested.
Los Angeles experienced an unprecedented population explosion in the last decade leading to the riot.
World War II (Since they were in war, "zoot suitor" were seen as people that were not contributing to the war effort)
Society's POV
Mexican American's POV
Police 'Showup' Scheduled Tonight as Result of 300 Juvenile Arrests Hair Style Used in Identification of Hoodlums
Inquest Into Ranch Death to be Held This Morning Suspects Must Not Change Haircut, Judge Rules
Los Angeles Examiner (August 11, 1942) Los Angeles Examiner (October 27, 1942)

Crowds Downtown on Hunt for Zoot Suiters Near-martial law in L.A. riot zones
Los Angeles Examiner (June 8, 1943) Los Angeles Daily News (June 9, 1943)

Latin America Group Probes Street Fights
Fact-Finding Committee to Delve Into Causes of Brawls Between Servicemen, Gangs
Los Angeles Examiner (June 8, 1943)

Nazis Spur Zoot Riots
Los Angeles Daily News (June 9, 1943)

U.S. Acts in Zoot Suit Riots; Governor Orders Inquiry
Police Must Clean Up L.A. Hoodlumism
Los Angeles Examiner (June 10, 1943)
Newspaper Titles
(Critical towards the Mexican-American)
The Newspaper/Military Story
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