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Aboriginal Dot Art for Middle School Students

No description

Lindsey Foushee

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Aboriginal Dot Art for Middle School Students

Aboriginal Dot Art
Aboriginal Dot Art
The symbols are used to tell stories.
The Dreamtime is the period when they believed spirits were creating the world, so many stories about about the Dreamtime. As the Creator Spirits traveled through the land, they created the mountains, rivers, and other landforms.
Who are the Aborigines?
Aborigines are the people native to Australia, the same way Native American Indians were here before the white European settlers came. Just like different tribes live in the U.S., different tribes lives all over Australia.
Let's Travel!
Aboriginal art uses many symbols passed down through generations.
The Rainbow Serpent is the supreme being, who came from the stars and represents water. He shows himself to people as the rainbow reflection in pools of water. As he slithered across the land, his body created mountains and ridges, and gullies and rivers for water to collect.
This is a didgeridoo. It's a traditional Aboriginal instrument.
This is an example of Aboriginal dance. Where have we seen something similar?
Today we are going to try a piece of Aboriginal Dot Art. Some tribes paint on rocks, some paint with lines, but one of the most famous types of native Aboriginal art is dot painting.

Like prehistoric paints, these paints are made with crushed ocher, chalk, and charcoal, so colors are traditionally earth-toned colors.
An example of a student's dot painting.
"The Rainbow Serpent"
"Dreamtime of the Aborigines"
"The Blue Wren"
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