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Research Methods in Psychology (copy)

Exploration of the different research methods in Psychology

Karen Kwan

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Research Methods in Psychology (copy)

The experiment Research Methods Critical Thinking Relational Descriptive Causal Research Question Operationalization Hypothesis Null hypothesis independent variable Dependent variable Statistical significance Reliability Validity Errors Looking for
Connections Qualitative Quantitative Correlational Types of studies Positive No correlation Negative Seek to describe Quantitative vs Qualitative Naturalistic Archival Survey Experimenter Bias
Blind and double blind studies
Extraneous factors
Subject bias (self-serving bias)
Ethical issues
Placebo effects
control groups Construct validity
Intra-rater (test-retest) Does it measure what it purports to Ruscio: "correlation does not imply causation" Stanovich
1. Systematic empiricism
2. Production of public knowledge
3. examination of solvable problems Falsifiability correlation vs causation Vividness problem
Representativeness heuristic
Availability heuristic confirmation bias Validity
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