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Global Innovation

Joaquín Melo

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of GloIn

Global Innovation
Global Process and Product Improvement
Our staff
Our staff knows the country, the culture and the language

English speaking country with a flexible labour market

Access a new market in which excellence stands before price

Powerful scandinavian software market

Research and innovation programs in Denmark
Our past!
Our future!
Our present!
A tale in the
SE business world

2005 February
In 1995 Quercus was born at University of Extremadura
Since 1995 highly committed to
research in Software Engineering
297 Km
316 Km
We do research in:
Software Architecture
Aspect Oriented Software Development
Model Driven Development
Business Modeling
SGAE get interested in our research
We developed a project to manage author rights in Latinnet based on J2EE Technology
2007 May
get also interested in our research
We collaborated with Indra in analysing how software factories behave
2009 March
The Regional Goverment requires us for a project
JACA PROJECT (Java Cafeine)
A development architecture to minimize the learning curve and personnel rotation effects in J2EE developments
2010 March
Gloin was founded in March 2010 by three researchers from the Quercus Software Engineering Group with the main objective of transferring research to industry
A small spin-off consulting company with an emphasis on innovation and firmly committed to their customers and staff
Accustomed to finding this situation we decided to invest real efforts in transferring research knowledge to industry by designing innovative solutions
...however a huge amount of knowledge remains unexplored
Industry uses a big mountain of knowledge produced by software engineering researchers
Modern Software Engineering Techniques
A highly qualified and cohesive team is one of our root principles
We are fully committed to people. Training our team and investing in their talent is not only necessary, we consider that their high qualification is a distinctive value. Currently our team is composed of:
1 PhD in computer science
2 near-coming PhDs in computer science
2 PhD students in computer science
3 experienced software engineers
We put them first
Short & intense... like coffee
Project Management Office services
Business process consulting
Business process outsourcing
Software development
Data Clean Up & Integrity
. Data quality project in the author rights business

Global Connector
. Data base sharing in the context of author rights societies networks

. Automating software process practices through business process management systems (BPMS)
It's time to grow up
Looking for new customers
Looking for new projects
...so why not?
...in Denmark for instance
Not necessarily in our country...
Putting our knowledge in practice
Currently we are generating a very innovative technology for cloud applications
In the context of our clients
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Why investing in Denmark?
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