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Houston ISD

No description

Sayra Garcia

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Houston ISD

Houston ISD
Information Session
For Interested Apollo Fellow Tutors

What we Offer....
You and HISD
Houston ISD
Fellow Recruitment
One year of service......
....For thousands of futures
November 20, 2013
Hattie Mae White Educational Support Building
What We Can Offer You
Who We Are
Are You a Fit for Team HISD
Who are WE?
What makes the Apollo Fellows Program different?
Our mission is to transform public education and improve the academic achievement of all the students. We want to prepare students for college and their career success.
HISD: Apollo 20
Getting Started........
Visit our HISD Apollo 20 Fellows Page:
http://www.houstonisd.org/apollo 20

Visit our HISD Careers Page:

Begin your fellow application via AppliTrack:
Fellow Selection Process
Phase 1
Phase 2

Phase 3
Mock Tutorial
Phase 4
Phase 5
Job Offer
Contact Us!

Houston ISD Apollo 20 Program
HISD is looking for fellows who possess...
Love for Children
Proficiency in Math
Bachelor's Degree
Schools in our Program:
4 High Schools
5 Middle Schools
11 Elementary Schools
Schools listed as Priority Schools
Fellows role.....
The fellowship consists of tutoring student, in a very small group (3:1), in the area of math at the 4th, 6th, and 9th grade level.
Build individualized lessons and plan activities that help strengthen academic performance inside the classroom.
Assist teacher in reinforcing material presented in class, as well as helping students in areas they have not yet mastered.
Benefits and Reward Opportunities
Option for full medical benefits for $5.00/month
Bonuses for Attendance and Student Performance
Attendance bonus is based on being at assigned campus everyday and being on time.
Students performance bonus is based how well the student does at the end of the year.
A Fellow may gain....
Better communication with children
Knowledge of different ways to teach children
Future teacher positions or other professional opportunities within the district
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